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There is no special process needed to register a .ET domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Ethiopia

.ET Registry Information

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Registration Price

$175.00 Annually

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.ET Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
tick.et $3,050.00 2020-07-01 Flippa
targ.et $5,000.00 2020-03-18 DomainHacks.com
wall.et $45,650.00 2019-06-26 Claim.Club
owl.et $1,500.00 2018-07-18 Claim.Club
w.et $25,000.00 2017-12-05 Flippa
ass.et $560.00 2017-02-23 Flippa

Who can own a .et domain?

Here are some entities that can own a .et domain name:

  • Companies domiciled in Ethiopia
  • Foreign companies
  • Ethiopian entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • Privately held Ethiopian companies
  • Non-profit organizations based in Ethiopia
  • Ethiopian legal entities
  • Ethiopian Educational Institutions
  • Individuals domiciled in Ethiopia

What is a .et domain name?

.ET stands for Ethiopia, which is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Ethiopia. A . ET ccTLD can be used by anyone with affiliations to the country of Ethiopia.

A . ET domain name typically consists of two or more words separated by dots. A . ET is an abbreviation and can't be used as a domain name.

How can I get a .et domain name?

Wondering how to get a .et domain name? The following steps will help you get it.

  • Research the available domain name based on the website you'd love to create
  • Save it somewhere
  • Identify a licensed registrar of a.et domain name
  • Follow their steps of buying it then complete the purchasing process

You'll finally have your .et domain name.

Why should I own a .et domain name?

There are several benefits of having a .et domain name. Let’s find them out below.

A .et domain name is an excellent way to support the Ethiopian community worldwide. A distinctive feature of a .et domain name is that it shows association with Internet users in Ethiopia.

As a domain name extension, .et is visible to everyone online and has tremendous marketing potential. It also brings an exclusive look to your website.

A .et domain name will lead you towards promoting Ethiopian culture, history, trade, and tourism through your website or email address which shall be beneficial for your business.

A .et domain name will help you in promoting the rich cultural heritage of Ethiopia. With a .et address, you can highlight the country's ancient history, cultures, and traditions to the international audience.

A .et domain name will also help in promoting Ethiopian products and services globally.

Domain names under .et ccTLDs help build customer trust, attract more traffic, and drive more sales. You can benefit from this trust-building factor by getting a .et domain name for your business website today.

Ethiopian domain names are pretty popular among Ethiopian citizens and people of Amharic-speaking communities across the world.

A .et domain name is a unique way to support the efforts of the Ethiopian Internet community towards making their country online-friendly.

Furthermore, you can also get easy access to other East African markets with such a domain name since most people in these countries to understand the Amharic language.

Who controls the .et domain name?

Ethio Telecom is the registry manager of the .et domain name. Individuals or organizations register domain names through the company, which maintains a registration database.

Ethio Telecom is a government-owned corporation and provides telecommunication services in Ethiopia.

Ethio Telecom is responsible for terminating internet connection when court orders are issued against websites hosting content considered inappropriate by the authorities.

They monitor local news reports closely in order to make sure that these court orders are served upon Ethio Telecom when necessary.