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There is no special process needed to register a .EUS domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities associated with the Basque language

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Whois Server


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$29.00 Annually

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.EUS Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
Dinahosting s.l. 4,476 26.36%
IONOS SE 1,414 8.33%
Entorno Digital, S.A. 1,356 7.98%
Key-Systems, LLC 1,249 7.35%
OVH sas 922 5.43%
Soluciones Corporativas IP, SL 601 3.54%
Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Registrar.eu 373 2.20%
Cronon AG 316 1.86%
Nominalia Internet S.L. 306 1.80%
Gandi SAS 268 1.58%

Who can .eus domain name?

There are no language or nationality restrictions on who can own a .eus domain name. This means that anyone from any part of the world can register one of these unique addresses and enjoy all of their benefits, regardless of where they live.

Below are the entities that can own a .eus domain name:

  • Private individuals
  • Legal entities (Public and private companies, non for profit associations, political parties, etc.).
  • Commercial Entities (foreign or national).
  • Associations, Clubs, and other groups.
  • Universities

What is a .eus domain name?

A .eus domain name is a domain name that follows the rules of the Basque language. This means it has to be composed of at least one Basque letter, though it may be accompanied by Latin letters.

The same rule applies to particular vowels called "uki" (followed by an apostrophe). These vowels are, for example, what give names like "Iñaki" their beautiful sound.

The uki does not have to be included in .eus domain names but can make them more accessible for other people to use and remember if needed.

For example, if someone wanted to write about or talk about you - your company or personal website - they might find it hard without some guidance as many words end in "a."

If you own the .eus domain name iñaki.eus, they would know precisely how to spell it. When using these letters and/or uki, accents are also used.

For example, the word "Eusko" changes depending on which part of Basque Country you are writing about - "euskal," "euzkadi," "eusko."

The use of diacritic marks means that if someone sees a web address with or without them, they will understand where it is from. Accents also help differentiate between similar letter combinations like "ou"/"oe."

How do I get a .eus domain name?

Here's how you can have ownership of a .eus domain.

  • Find out the availability of a .eus domain name of your choice.
  • Once you get it, set it aside.
  • Look for a domain registrar who is licensed or has enough credibility.
  • Proceed to purchase the domain name and host it.

Why should I have a .eus domain name?

If you are looking for a new website domain name, you should consider the benefits of using a .eus domain. The Internet is filled with many different domains, each offering its level of benefit to the user.

A .eus domain name offers benefits that make it attractive for personal or business use. Using a .eus allows users to get in touch with their history and potentially boost sales.

A .eus domain names also boost the credibility of your brand while giving you an immediate boost in traffic due to higher rankings on search engines like Google when compared to other country-specific domains.

Search engines like Google see a .eus domain as an immediate trust signal because they see this specific extension as strictly reserved for use in the Basque Country. This alone gives your business an advantage when compared to websites that do not own a .eus domain.