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.FO represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Faroe Islands. It was recently introduced in 2006 and was intended for entities with connection to Faroe Islands. The ccTLD is currently being used by some companies, organizations and sites affiliated to this territory. FO Council is the authorized unit for carrying out .FO domain registry. On the other hand, Marcaria.com is the accredited registrar where applications are processed.

FO also stands for: face-off, far out, Formula One, Formosa, Forli, factory outlet, firm offer, fly-over, fluid ounce, foldout, foreign office, flag officer, fiber optics, Formatting Object, and follow on.

Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .FO domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Faroe Islands

.FO Registry Information

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Registration Price

$99.00 Annually

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.FO Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
Dynadot, LLC 183 3.36%
Porkbun LLC 80 1.47%
One.com A/S 61 1.12%
Marcaria.com International, Inc. 36 0.66%
Key-Systems GmbH 25 0.46%
TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd. 13 0.24%
xTom GmbH 12 0.22%
united-domains AG 10 0.18%
Edomains LLC 4 0.07%
NameWeb BVBA 3 0.06%

Who can own a .fo domain name?

The .fo domain is assigned to anyone who wants it. Anyone can be the registrant of a .fo domain name, but this does not mean that anyone can use an existing .fo domain.

Before you are allowed to use a certain domain, you must qualify for getting access to it. This means that you need to be a legal entity or an individual that is living in the Faroe Islands.

You will then qualify for getting access to domains such as example.com.fo, example.no.fo, and more than 350 other domains ending with .fo.

There are entities that can qualify to get a .fo domain name.

  • Companies domiciled in the Faroe Islands
  • Faroese associations domiciled in the Faroe Islands
  • Foreign companies, foreign associations, and other entities domiciled in a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA) or another country that has an international agreement with Denmark that includes provisions on rights to domain names.

Why should I register for a .fo domain name?

Having a .fo domain name has many benefits as discussed below.

A .fo domain name is fast, safe, and easy to remember. It also reflects the international status of the Faroe Islands as well as giving an added level of trustworthiness.

As a .fo domain registrant, you are provided with the unique opportunity of being linked to an autonomous region that is based on democracy. This can be very easily proved by checking the Faroese registry's website for information about the new gTLDs.

Having the .fo domain name sends out a clear message that you are trusted, reliable and non-commercial which can also result in new customers for your business.

It is also advised that you link up your new .fo domain with a local ISP as well as have a local postal address. This will ensure that your customers have trust in you because you have shown the willingness to commit to the necessary steps needed for being online locally.

You should also consider linking up with Faroese telecom providers if you would like to provide good services and attract more customers from the area.

A .fo domain name is fast, safe, and easy to remember. It also reflects the international status of the Faroe Islands as well as giving an added level of trustworthiness.

It also ensures that you are part of the booming Faroese economy which is among one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe.

Can you register a .fo domain name without a local presence?

You cannot register a .fo domain name without being present in the Faroe Islands. The only exceptions is clubs or organizations outside of the Faroe Islands which have an official relation with one of the clubs or organizations within it.

If you are not registered within the Faroese Business Registers, you can't register any Faroese domain name.

What documents do you need to register a .fo domain name?

You do not require any documented proof of your Faroese connections. As long as you have an address in the country, you are free to register a .fo domain name.

The only exception is for government authorities and public institutions, who should contact us before initiating the registration process.