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There is no special process needed to register a .FOUNDATION domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

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$31.00 Annually

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Domains Count 0
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Moz DA > 5 0
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Domain Name Majestic TF Majestic CF Moz DA Moz PA Ahrefs DR Ahrefs UR SZ Score Age Google Index
yolo.foundation 0 4 - - - - - - -
shirium.foundation 0 4 - - - - - - -
purewater.foundation 0 4 - - - - - - -
bambu.foundation 0 0 - - - - - - -
aleluia.foundation 0 4 - - - - - - -
herestolife.foundation 0 0 - - - - - - -

.FOUNDATION Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
GoDaddy.com, LLC 6,563 20.83%
NameCheap, Inc. 3,438 10.91%
Google LLC 1,683 5.34%
Network Solutions, LLC 1,082 3.43%
Tucows Domains Inc. 886 2.81%
Name.com, Inc. 552 1.75%
Gandi SAS 498 1.58%
Key-Systems, LLC 487 1.55%
Porkbun LLC 421 1.34%
eNom, LLC 411 1.30%

.FOUNDATION Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
russia.foundation $35.00 2021-12-23 Dynadot
skillcoin.foundation $35.00 2021-12-13 Dynadot
charity.foundation $51.00 2021-11-30 Sav.com
nova.foundation $21.00 2021-11-12 Sav.com
heart.foundation $382.00 2021-11-05 Dynadot
goal.foundation $35.00 2021-10-25 Dynadot
diem.foundation $35.00 2021-10-12 Dynadot
dapp.foundation $5,000.00 2017-11-12 Pvt Sale

.foundation Domain Name

.foundation is a new generic top-level domain name (gTLD) that was approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It is open for anyone to register and can be used for any purpose.

Who can use a .foundation domain name?

Anyone can register a .foundation domain name, although it is recommended that you have a connection to the Foundation or philanthropy industry in order to best represent your website or organization.

Tips to choose ideal .foundation Domain Name:

When choosing a .foundation domain name, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

-It should be brandable and memorable

-It should be obvious that your website/business is related to foundation or philanthropy either through the name, slogan or main topics.

-The .foundation domain name should not be an acronym of any kind.

-Using .foundation in your business name allows for easy search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Why choose a .foundation domain name?

There are many reasons why you might want to choose a .foundation domain name for your website or organization. Some of the key reasons include:

-.foundation is a new and unique domain name extension that is not currently being used by many websites or businesses

-It has a clear connection to the foundation and philanthropy industries

-It is easy to remember and brandable

-The .foundation domain name extension is available for anyone to register

What's the Difference Between .com. and .foundation?

There are a few differences between a .com domain name and a .foundation domain name, including:

-A second level Internet Protocol (IP) address is not needed to register for a .foundation domain name because it uses the top level IP address, which makes registering a .foundation domain name easier and cheaper.

-Foundation is a new generic top level domain (gTLD) that anyone with a connection to foundation or philanthropy can register, whereas a .com domain name extension typically only has the right to register the domain name if it is related with a commercial purpose.

Are there any restrictions when registering .foundation domain name?

There are no restrictions for registering a .foundation domain name. It is available to anyone who wishes to register it. However, It can be used by anyone who wishes to these individuals must make sure it is not an acronym and that the content on their website or organization relates to foundation and philanthropy in some way.

Is .foundation a community-based domain name?

No, .foundation is not a community-based domain name. It can be used by anyone who wishes to register it and contains no restrictions on its use.

Is it possible to transfer my current website from another domain name extension to .foundation?

Yes, you can transfer a current website from an existing domain name extension to a .foundation domain name. You can contact a registrar service provider for this or choose a web hosting solution that supports the .foundation top level domain.

What Documents Do You Need to Register .foundation Domain Name?

To register a .foundation domain name, you will need the following documents:

-A copy of your official business documentation, such as a certificate of incorporation or registration

-Your contact information, including name, address and telephone number

-The domain name you wish to register