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Metaregistrar BV 7,100 39.35%
Key-Systems, LLC 1,935 10.72%
Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Registrar.eu 1,174 6.51%
Realtime Register B.V. 807 4.47%
Cronon AG 474 2.63%
NameWeb BVBA 280 1.55%
Tucows Domains Inc. 82 0.45%
Ascio Technologies, Inc. Danmark - Filial af Ascio technologies, Inc. USA 29 0.16%
The Registrar Company B.V. 16 0.09%
Lexsynergy Limited 11 0.06%

.frl Domain Name

.FRL domain name is the new country specific top level domain name for the Friesland province in The Netherlands. It was introduced last year by IIS (Internet Infrabe Service Nederland B..

Who can use a .frl domain name?

Anyone can register FRLS domains, including individuals, businesses, organizations, and even government agencies.

Tips to choose ideal .frl Domain Name:

The most important things about your .frl domain name are that it must be unique, easy-to-type, and always include the extension for the top level domain (i.e., ".frl"). We recommend using a meaningful word or phrase that will be familiar and easy to remember.

When you are choosing a .frl domain name, it is important to consider keywords that people might use when searching for your website. Including relevant keywords in your domain name can help improve your site's search engine ranking.

Why choose a .frl domain name?

FRLS is the official ccTLD of Friesland province in The Netherlands. Using it as your website's domain name will help to show your affiliation with this geographic area and may help to improve your search engine ranking.

Additionally, the .frl domain extension is perfect for businesses and organizations that operate in or have a connection to the Friesland province. It helps to create a regional identity and builds trust with customers and clients.

What's the Difference Between .com. and .frl?

The main difference between a .com. and a .frl domain name is that the latter is specific to a geographic area or region. This can be beneficial for businesses and organizations that want to target a specific audience or market.

Are there any restrictions when registering .frl domain name?

No, there are no restrictions on who can and cannot register a FRLS domain. There is only one restriction, and it applies to all new TLDs: you must prove your eligibility to register by indicating in your registration form that you have read the .frl Domain Name Registration Policy and agree to be bound by its terms.

Is .frl a community-based domain name?

Yes, .frl is a community-based domain name that is specific to the Friesland province in The Netherlands. You must be a resident of or have a connection to this province in order to register a .frl domain name.

Is it possible to transfer my current website from another domain name extension to .frl?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your website from another domain name extension to .frl. You will need to contact your current domain registrar for more information on how to go about doing this.

What Documents Do You Need to Register .frl Domain Name?

The following documents are needed when registering a FRLS domain name:

1. Letter of Authorization

3. Proof of your company or organization's existence (e.g., business license, articles of incorporation, organization chart)

4. Proof of your residency or connection to the Friesland province (e.g., driver's license, utility bill)

How Much Does .frl Domain Name Cost?

Registration fees for a .frl domain name vary depending on the registrar you use. However, when you obtain FRLS domain name registration through GoDaddy.com, the total cost is $32.15 for two years' worth of registration service.