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.frogans Domain Name

It is a top level domain, a new extension specifically set aside to address computers that use the Frogans technology, a new way to publish and use websites.

Who can use a .frogans domain name?

Anyone can use a .frogans domain name as long as they are using Frogans technology to create their website. This includes small, medium and large businesses as well as individuals that create websites.

Who regulates .frogans Domain Name?

The .frogans domain name is regulated by the Frogans Registry (Registry.frogans) but has no relation to the late larger corporate version of it (Frogans Inc.)

Tips to choose ideal .frogans Domain Name:

It wouldn't be advisable to just pick any name off the internet, there are some considerations to have in mind before picking a website name. First, think about what you want your website to be about.

Once you have that figured out, try and find a domain name that is relevant to your topic and easy to remember. It's also important to make sure the name is not already taken.

A good .frogans domain name will not only attract visitors to your website but also help your business grow. Remember, a good domain name should help your website rank high in the search engine results.

Including keywords in your .frogans domain name is very important if you want to attract the right audience. Since this is tech oriented, using words like "technology," "computers," "internet" and so on will help people who are interested in those topics find your website.

Why choose a .frogans domain name?

-It's fresh, new and designed for the future of Frogans technology

-It's pretty easy to remember

-There are no competing websites with the same name.

-It highly secures your brand online.

Is .frogans a community-based domain name?

No, it isn't because only company or business organizations that use Frogans technology can have this domain name extension. As long as you are using Frogans technology, you can register and use a .frogans domain name.

Is it possible to transfer my current website from another domain name extension to .frogans?

Yes, it is possible but it depends on the web hosting company you are using and whether they offer this service or not. For cases like this, you should contact your web hosting company first to know how they can help on transferring existing websites to .frogans.

What Documents Do You Need to Register .frogans Domain Name?

You will need the following documents:

-Formal application letter

-Copy of your company's registration certificate

-Proof of payment for the domain name

In some cases, you may also need to provide the following documents:

-Business registration certificate copy for individuals

-Government issued ID card copy of company representative/individual domain name registrant.

How Much Does .frogans Domain Name Cost?

It costs $50.00 USD per year. But, you must also consider the initial registration fee of $5.00 USD and the ICANN annual membership fee of $0.18 USD for each domain name that has more than 2 years of registration remaining until it expires and renews on its own accord automatically.