Expired .GE Domains


.GE represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Georgia. This domain suffix is intended for entities wishing to establish their affiliation with Georgia. Registry is operated by Caucasus Online.

Aside from being used as the two-letter country code for Georgia, GE is also used to abbreviate other words. GE is a popular brand name for electronics and home appliances. Other meanings of GE include: grand exchange (online game) and germanium (Chemistry).

Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .GE domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Georgia

.GE Registry Information

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Registration Price

$59.00 Annually

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.GE Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
loun.ge $2,000.00 2018-07-12 Sedo

Who can own a .ge domain name?

In order to register a .ge domain name, one must be a resident of Georgia or have a registered business in this country. In addition to that, if you’re from outside Georgia, you should provide a document proving your affiliation with a local company or individual.

The following are entities that can register a .get a domain name.

- Individuals

- Private and nonprofit organizations

- Commercial legal entities

- Public legal entities

- Closed joint-stock companies and the corporations formed under the laws of Georgia.

What is a .ge domain?

A .ge is a country-code domain (ccTLD) for Georgia. It was the first ccTLD in the Soviet Union.

Registrants must have a presence in Georgia, or be an organization representing Georgia, to register domain names. Domains can only be registered by accredited registrars. The .ge country code is an extension of the top-level domain, which is. GE. Their country code is +995.

How do I get a .ge domain?

It’s easy to get a .ge domain name following the steps below.

  • Look for an available domain name that you would love to use.
  • Set it aside
  • Get a licensed domain registrar and proceed to purchase.
  • You are now free to host it

How can I benefit from a .ge domain name?

A Georgian domain name is beneficial for those who want to be associated with the country.

Here are reasons why you should consider getting a .ge domain:

A Web address with a .ge suffix is easy to remember and makes your site more accessible.

The first people who will arrive on your website will be those looking for products and services offered by companies or individuals in Georgia, which can result in higher traffic numbers and increased sales revenues.

Search engines may give priority to websites with country codes (.com/.net/.org) as opposed to other top-level domains (TLDs), such as .biz or .info, which means that international users may prefer yours over others like it because of its recognizable domain name.

A .ge TLD is a great tool for marketing and advertising your business, as it offers you a perfect way to promote your products and services in a country that’s considered one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe.

Registering a company or website with a .ge domain name will make you stand out from other online businesses, as not many people around the world have websites with this extension. In fact, as of today, there are only 750,000 sites hosted under the .ge domain extension which shows how much demand there is for such websites.

A .ge domain name is ideal for social media purposes, as you can easily associate it with the Facebook or Twitter accounts of your business.

If you are looking to build your brand globally, having a website with an extension that’s associated with your country can greatly facilitate this process since Georgian site visitors would instantly realize that you are local and they’d more likely trust you over an online business using some generic extension (.com).

In addition to all those benefits mentioned above, every year hundreds of thousands of people across the globe register their corporate and personal domains under the .ge TLD which has a tremendously positive impact on the small local economy as it stimulates economic development.