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.GH represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Ghana. This domain extension was introduced in 1995 and was intended for entities or companies wishing to establish connection with Ghana. Ghana Network Information Center is the authorized agency for carrying out .GH registry while Marcaria.com is the accredited registrar where applications are processed. Companies that are able to submit a business license are eligible to register.

GH also stands for: ghost hunter, general hospital, greatest hits, Good Housekeeping, global health, Giga hertz, Ghana Airways, global help and garden hose.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Ghana

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$182.00 Annually

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Who can own a .gh domain name?

Domain names ending in .gh are reserved for Ghanaian citizens and organizations. Ghanaian citizens as well as organizations registered in Ghana can register a .gh domain name. In order to be eligible, users must supply the following:

  • Identity Card or Passport of the Person requesting for the Domain Name.
  • Proof of Registration from Registrar if already registered under a local company other than Registry Operator.
  • A letter from the company attesting to their representation in Ghana.

The following individuals/groups are ineligible to register a .gh domain name:

  • Legal entities that do not have a physical presence in Ghana.
  • Foreign nationals and companies with no links to Ghana.
  • Foreign individuals or companies which, although they may have a subsidiary or branch office in Ghana, are not registered with the Registrar of Companies in Ghana.
  • Web sites that contain material that contravenes the laws of Ghana.

Registration of a .gh domain name is open to all Ghanaian citizens and businesses. Prior to registration, users must provide documentation proving their identity and eligibility. Non-Ghanaian citizens or businesses are not allowed to register .gh domain names.

How do I get a .gh domain?

To get a .gh domain name, follow the following steps.

  • Look for a trusted domain name registra
  • Identify the available domain name of your choice
  • Keep it aside and proceed to purchase following the procedure that your chosen domain registrar will give.

How do I benefit from a .gh domain name?

A .gh domain name is the perfect way to represent your business or individual online presence in Ghana. When you register a .gh domain name, you are securing the exclusive right to use that domain name on the internet. This means that no one else can register the same domain name, giving you a unique online identity in Ghana.

A .gh domain name is a great way to strengthen your brand and help your business stand out online. With a .gh domain name, you can easily direct customers to your website and show them that you are a reputable, credible business with a presence in Ghana.

Additionally, a .gh domain name can help you rank higher in search engine results, providing even more exposure for your business.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable way to promote your business or brand in Ghana, consider registering a .gh domain name.

With a .gh domain name, you can create a professional website or email account that is uniquely associated with your company or brand and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

What are other .gh subdomain names?

There are other Ghanaian subdomain names that you can use to access websites and online services. These include:

  • .gov.gh is the subdomain for government websites
  • .edu.gh is the subdomain for education websites
  • .org.gh is the subdomain for organization websites
  • .net.gh is the subdomain for network service providers
  • .mil.gh is the subdomain for military organizations

You can also use the .org.gh subdomain to access non-profit organizations in Ghana. Note that these subdomains are not always available, so you may need to try a few different ones before you find one that works.