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.GR represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Greece. It was introduced in 1989 and was intended for entities with connection to Greece particularly those that engage in commercial, governmental and educational activities. FORTH-ICS is the authorized body for carrying out the registry of .GR domains. On the other hand, Marcaria.com is the accredited registrar for processing the applications for this ccTLD.

GR also stands for: great, group, Greek, gear, grade, gravity, Grand Rapids, gram, get real, golden retriever, Galactic Republic, games record, gateway router, general relativity, grid ratio, government relations and global range.

Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .GR domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Greece

.GR Registry Information

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Registration Price

$17.00 Annually

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.GR Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
netmail.gr $1,464.00 2020-06-14 Sedo
anemos.gr $1,665.00 2019-07-21 Sedo
realtor.gr $2,400.00 2019-07-21 Sedo
vrcasino.gr $345.00 2019-02-01 Sedo
slot.gr $11,525.00 2018-08-20 Sedo
khs.gr $2,500.00 2018-03-14 Sedo
estate.gr $3,387.00 2018-03-02 Sedo
flash.gr $8,086.00 2017-12-18 Sedo
pink.gr $2,783.00 2017-10-19 Sedo
market.gr $3,523.00 2017-10-09 Sedo

Who can register a .gr domain name?

A .gr domain name can be registered by a person residing in Greece, a company incorporated in Greece, or a foreign company with its main office in Greece.

A person residing abroad can register a .gr domain name by establishing a representative office/branch in Greece and getting authorized for network access.

The list of these people includes:

- A person residing in Greece.

- A company with its head office in Greece.

- A company has a telephone number in Greece.

- A public or private enterprise or an organization based in Greece.

Let's take as an example the following registration of the gr domain name ernesto.gr:

- Mr. Ernesto Giacomoni, residing in Athens (GR) has registered the domain name ernesto.gr. His company "Ernestos Enterprises S.A." is also based in GR and with a telephone number from Greece (+30).

The right to manage this domain name will be given to the person who has registered it. This is not a shared registration.

There are cases in which the domain name is subject to a shared registration. In these cases, two or more people can have access to the domain name and manage its contents, services and assign the IP addresses to the same server.

What is the procedure?

The procedure for registration of a .gr domain name consists of two steps:

(a) buy/apply for Internet access, and

(b) register a domain name.

The ISP will provide the authorized person with a temporary password that has to be submitted to GR registry within 24 hours after its issuance in order to finalize the registration process.

Ways to register

- The registration is made through the company that provides Internet access.

- The application for registration is submitted directly to GRregistry. There are two ways this can be done:

1) Via ICANN's accredited registrars. You can find their contact details here.

2) Via the unofficial affiliate program of GRregistry for people residing outside Greece. This is free of charge.

Note: The registry takes no responsibility for the services provided by third parties, neither for any loss/damage that may occur because of their actions.

Why should you register a .gr domain name?

The exclusive right to use a domain name is awarded only after the completion of the registration process.

This makes it important for you to make your request as soon as possible since, if someone else registers your desired domain first, you will lose all rights to it.

In addition, there are many other benefits in registering a .gr domain name. For example, it will improve your site's visibility since all search engines have assigned Greece to the list of countries where they provide results for searches done in Greek.

This is an important point especially if you are targeting customers or readers living in Greece.

Similarly, it will increase your site's trustworthiness since users who type "www.ernesto.gr" in their browser bar are likely to think that your website is Greek and therefore use it more often than they would otherwise do if the site was registered under another country code such as .com or .org.