Expired .GW Domains

Registration Requirements

In order to proceed with domain registration process, the registry will request the sending of a copy of a document which supports the legitimacy of registration (for example, a trademark registration).
However if the registrant is a company and the chosen domain name is coincident with the company's name, it will not be needed the sending of further documentation.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Guinea-Bissau

.GW Registry Information

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Registration Price

$48.00 Annually

Registered Domains


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Who can register a .gw Domain name?

A .gw domain name stands for Ghana, a country in Southern Africa. The country's private and public organizations, educational establishments, businesses, government departments, and other entities can register a .gw domain name.

The following are some examples of who can register a .gw domain name:

  • Individuals
  • Foreign individuals and entities.
  • Organizations.
  • Ghanaian, non-Ghanaian private and public organizations.
  • Non-profit, for-profit business entities.

What is required?

To register a .gw domain name, you will need to submit the following:

  • Domain name.
  • Owner's contact information (name and address of organization or individual).
  • The registrant's contact information (E-mail address and telephone number of domain owner).
  • Priority and proposal (if multiple parties wish to register the same domain name).
  • Proof of affiliation (copy of an official document or letter of introduction from the affiliated organization).

How do you register a .gw domain name?

To register a .gw domain name, follow this procedure:

1. Sign up with any of the accredited registrars (list available online). Ensure you read and understand the terms and conditions.

2. Use the Domain Manager to choose your desired domain name extension under Other Extensions (.gw). Enter your desired .gw domain name in the search box or click on "Domain Search" to browse through available .gw domain names.

3. Choose your preferred domain name extension and proceed with registration following the prompts.

4. Make payment for the required fees (if necessary).

5. Receive authentication code/s for your domain name, which will be used to complete the registration.

6. Get ready with your .gw domain name (normally within 24 to 48 hours).

What are the domain name characters and acceptable character lengths allowed by .gw?

A .gw domain name must contain at least 3 characters and a maximum of 63. Letters (a-z), digits (0-9), hyphens (-) and full stops (.) are permitted. However, not more than one consecutive hyphen is allowed.

The acceptable characters are alphabets (Latin and non-Latin), numbers, hyphens (-), and underscores (_).

Domain names with large character lengths or complex sequences may require extra charges.

How do I claim an abandoned domain name?

If your domain name is set to expire, it will be included in the pool of domain names made available for registration by other individuals or organizations. You can claim an abandoned .gw domain name if it has not been registered before its expiry date. Note that you will not be able to claim a pre-registered domain (already reserved by another party).

An abandoned domain name has not been re-registered for 60 days. It is then made available for registration by any interested individual or organization.

Steps To Reclaim Lost Domain Names

Identify the old website's URL by looking at WhoIs or contacting their web host directly if they still exist as an active company with access from their original server address assignment; locate any contact information available including phone numbers so there can be no mistakes made during this process.

Find out whether someone else already claims ownership over these expired domains before proceeding forward into the next steps--be ready with proof of the previous usage because otherwise, we'll end up wasting time trying hard enough only to get denied!

Follow the steps to get approval from the domain registry service by completing 3 simple tasks:

1) Provide contact information,

2) Prove ownership over your claim and finally

3) Pay the necessary fees.