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Domain Name Majestic TF Majestic CF Moz DA Moz PA Ahrefs DR Ahrefs UR SZ Score Age Google Index
cimaa4u.hair 0 6 - - - - - - 179
kuatkuat2.hair 0 6 - - - - - - -
enakenak2.hair 0 11 - - - - - - 3
venusvenus2.hair 0 8 - - - - - - -
deshawnham.hair 0 10 - - - - - - -
klikjp.hair 0 0 - - - - - - -

.HAIR Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
NameCheap, Inc. 516 24.69%
GoDaddy.com, LLC 512 24.50%
1API GmbH 128 6.12%
Porkbun LLC 105 5.02%
Name.com, Inc. 84 4.02%
101domain GRS Limited 73 3.49%
Key-Systems, LLC 71 3.40%
GMO Internet, Inc. d/b/a Onamae.com 63 3.01%
eNom, LLC 59 2.82%
BB-Online UK Limited 50 2.39%

What is the .hair domain name?

.hair is a new GTLD of the internet namespace, which means it can be used to create unique website addresses for individual people and companies, just like ".com" or ".org".

Right now, you can apply for the ".hair" domain name. The .hair domain is perfect for barber shops, hairstylists, salons, and anyone else who has anything to do with hair!

The .hair domain name works with all major browsers and is available for registration worldwide.

Who can register .hair domain names?

You can register .hair domain names for personal use or business use.

There are no restrictions on how you can use your new ".hair" GTLD.

If you consider yourself an expert in hair, the .hair namespace is perfect for you to create a website that educates people about their hair!

Any individual, business, or organization such as a beauty salon, barbershop, university, or school can apply to register a .hair domain name.

What is the difference between a .com and a .hair domain name?

Most generic TLDs like .com and .org were originally intended for unrestricted public use and are not linked to any one company, person, or brand.

Other than requiring registration with accredited registrars to create accounts and receive approval before registering an address, there are no restrictions on who uses these domains.

The more specific GTLDs however - of which ".hair" is one - are designed to improve search engine optimization (SEO) of sites by catering to a specific audience or market. They can only be registered by those who meet the specified criteria, such as businesses and individuals in the hair industry.

What are the registration rules for a .hair domain name?

Individuals and businesses registered with accredited registrars can register a .hair domain.

Businesses must prove that they are legally registered as a business before being able to purchase a domain, which means that certain organizations such as charities, non-profits, and government entities cannot register .hair domains.

In addition, trademarks can potentially be registered as .hair domains, so long as the trademark is not shared by another company or organization.

What are the benefits of a .hair domain name?

There are many benefits of registering a .hair domain name.

First and foremost, a .hair domain is perfect for anyone in the hair industry. This could include barbers, hairstylists, salons, and more.

A .hair domain provides an easily identifiable and recognizable web address that is specifically tailored to your business or organization.

Second, a .hair domain name can help improve your website's SEO ranking. Since the .hair domain is specifically designed for the hair industry, it will be easier for people searching for information on hair-related topics to find your website.

Lastly, a .hair domain name is perfect for branding purposes. Having a domain name that is specific to your business or organization can help you stand out from the competition and create a more professional image.

If you are in the hair industry or are looking for a more targeted way to market your website, registering a .hair domain name is a great option!