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What is the .here domain name?

The .here domain name is a top-level domain (TLD) that allows the TLD holder to use the domain in any way they see fit, so long as it does not violate local laws. It is meant for owners of geographic location names.

Think of .here as a nickname or brand name for your company or product that has ties to a specific place in the world. This allows you to easily stand out from your competitors, without needing to spend a lot of money on marketing.

What can I do with it?

The .here domain name has no restrictions and thus can be used for any purpose, like:

- A website registered to a specific place in the world.

- An app or product that is connected to a location.

- A blog about your travels around the world; maybe you travel and work at the same time.

- A blog about a specific geographical region or topic related to a location.

- A geolocation service that helps people find their current coordinates, especially useful for smartphones.

- An online store selling products from a specific country or city.

And much more! As long as it makes sense with the TLD and you don't break any laws, then .here is perfect for your website!

Who cannot register a .here domain name?

To prevent misuse of this TLD, three types of people are not allowed to register .here domain names:

- People or companies that already own a registered trademark for the same term as the requested .here domain name.

- People who plan on using the website primarily for illegal activity. For example, drug dealers may not use this TLD.

- People who would like to resell domains to others without actually owning the domain names themselves (this is called drop catching). You must show that you actually plan on using the .here domain name yourself in order to get it approved by our automatic registrar system.

Who can register a .here domain name?

Anyone who uses their geographic location in their business or just for fun can benefit from using the .here TLD.

For example, if you are an event organizer that focuses on events in your local area, this is perfect for you. If you run a geolocation service, this would be great as well. But anyone can register one!

Where can I use my .here domain name?

You can use your .here domain name anywhere you want, but it must be related to the geographic area that your business or website focuses on.

For example, if you have a website about Spain, your domain name could be www.Spain.here. If you are an event organizer in the United States, your domain name could be www.us.here.

What are the common second-level .here domains?

A second-level domain (SLD) is the domain name that is direct to the left of the dot in a domain name. For example, in the domain name "example.com", "com" is the SLD.

If you want to use a .here domain name, then it will be necessary to find one that is not taken. If the desired second-level .here domain name ('the part after the dot') is already registered by someone else, there are several other variations you could consider using instead.