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What is the .iinet domain name?

.iinet is a brand new generic top-level domain name (gTLD) that has been exclusively reserved for Westnet Pty Ltd, to be used for its own web properties, and made available to the general public via Westnet registrar partners through open registration.

Westnet will use .iinet in a variety of ways, including:

• Business identity - The business area of the internet continues to expand at an incredible rate. As more people purchase goods and services online, businesses are looking for ways to stand apart from their competitors by creating engaging web identities. A custom .iinet address offers businesses the opportunity to create an exclusive web property that is directly linked with their company name.

• Website promotion - The .iinet domain is an ideal avenue for promoting websites, whether it's to gain consumer trust through a trustworthy Westnet registrar partner or driving traffic to your website using your custom .iinet web address.

What are the benefits of owning a .iinet domain?

Use of ' .iinet ' domains will not be restricted to Westnet Pty Ltd; any individual, business, or organization can register one (or many) and use them in whatever way they like.

Most importantly, the possibilities are endless!

Other than traditional uses such as email addresses and website URLs, businesses may find other creative ways to utilize their .iinet address including creating unique promotional offers, providing online customer support, or even developing a customized iPhone or Android app.

What can you do with a .iinet domain name?

In essence, a .iinet address can be used by people and businesses to give their web properties an 'identity'. This could be in the form of a memorable word or phrase that is closely related to their brand, a complete departure from their company name, or even both!

• Email - The new domain extension can also be used as an email address. For example, you could have [email protected] providing you with a custom email address that automatically differentiates itself from your business competitors.

• Web site - In addition to email addresses, you may create up to 100 unique websites on your .iinet address using Westnet's FREE Website Builder software.

• Apps Develop iPhone & Android apps for your business and promote them through your .iinet web address!

What restrictions are placed on .iinet domain names?

With the vast majority of new TLDs, limitations typically apply to what can and cannot be registered. This is not the case with the .iinet domain name; it will be available without any pre-registration restrictions.

Westnet does require that registrants provide accurate contact details in order to keep their domains active, but this practice applies across all new gTLDs.

What's more, you'll also have complete control over your TLD meaning there are no lockdowns or prior approvals required for transfers in/out or modifications/updates to your .iinet web address. You could even move it around completely free of!

Who cannot register a .iinet domain name?

Westnet reserves the right to deny the use of .iinet addresses to any individual, business, or organization that does not comply with its terms and conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, those who use intellectual property without express written consent from the trademark owner.