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.IL refers to the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Israel. It was introduced in 1985 and was intended for entities affiliated with this country. Israel Internet Association is the authorized body for carrying out its registry and they reserve the right to approve or reject an application.

Aside from usage as Israel’s two-letter country code, IL is also used to abbreviate other words. Popular meanings of IL include: Illinois (US state), International League (organization), information literacy (academics/education), Italian Lira (currency), international law (government) and ignore list (online chat).

Intended Use

Entities connected with: State of Israel

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$47.00 Annually

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.IL Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
Domain The Net Technologies Ltd. 48,291 12.71%
CommuniGal Communication Ltd. 22,298 5.87%

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Domain Price Date Venue
zscaler.co.il $2,000.00 2019-05-22 Sedo
pof.co.il $2,000.00 2016-12-05 Sedo

What is a .il domain name?

A .il is the ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) for Israel. It is important to note that .il domain names are not open to the general public, but only entities registered in Isreal can register them.

Who can use a .il domain name?

Only businesses or organizations located in Israel have access to purchase an .il domain name which they can use for their website. For those who do not have an office or headquarters in Israel, they can register a .com.il (a sub domain) which is more affordable and widely used as it allows local presence outside of the country.

Who regulates .il domain name?

The registrar of the country code extension is NIC - ISRAEL, a branch of the International School for Computer Science. This body is responsible for the registration, control, and supervision of .il domain names.

Tips to choose ideal .il Domain Name

When choosing an ideal .il domain name it should be short, easy to remember, and simple with no special characters or symbols that are difficult to type incorrectly. It also needs to reflect your business/company brand well without causing any confusion.

For better results, it is best to choose a .com.il domain name instead of using the actual country extension and for added security and safety you can use DNSSEC which adds an extra layer of protection against cyber-attacks on your website or web server.

Common subdomains for .il domain names

There are also a number of common and popular options that can be used as second-level domains, such as: business.co.il (for businesses), aca.org.il (academic organizations) and bbs.co.il (businesses).

Nevertheless, some common domain names include:

ac.il - This is used to represent the academic community in Israel.

firm.co.il - This domain is used to represent Israeli businesses and company sites.

gov.il - This is used for governmental sites.

muni.il, iba.org.il and bbs.co-il are also some of the common options to choose from when looking for a second-level domain name with .com or .net available as well if you need more choices in your search results.

What documents do you need to register .il Domain Name?

Registration of a .il domain name requires the following documents:

Business registration affidavit from Israel Tax Authority.

Certificate of Incorporation from Israel Tax Authority.

Registration Number with Israel Registrar General.

Letter of acceptance from NIC-ISRAEL, confirming your business is located in Israel and registered under the law of companies.

For individuals, the following documents are required:

ID (Israeli Identity card or driver's license) and one other document, such as a passport.

Proof of address. This can be in the form of a voter's registration.

How much does .il Domain Name cost?

The price for registration and renewal varies based on several different factors, such as:

Length of time you need to register it for (one year or more). The longer you want to keep your domain name registered with NIC-ISRAEL, the higher the cost will be.

The number of domains you want to register at one time (can save between 33-50%).

Whether you are planning on using a .com, co.il or another common country extension as well, which can lower costs by up to 50%.

Based on these, the average cost of a .il domain name can be around $50 per year. However, it is best to check with the NIC-ISRAEL website for their current prices and discounts before choosing your preferred option.