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What is the .imamat domain name?

The .imamat domain name is a new top-level domain for all things related to Islam. It's a safe and stable Internet space that provides a platform on which Muslims worldwide can find their own voice, connect with one another and serve their society.

What does the .imamat domain name do?

The .imamat domain name is a great opportunity for Muslims across the globe to have a web presence for their businesses, religious organizations, non-profit groups, educational institutions, broadcasting enterprises in addition to the family or personal blogs. It offers a recognizable and trustworthy space on the Internet for Muslims to share their voice and connect with others of similar faith.

Why do we need a .imamat domain name?

Muslims have been under-served by the domain name system for far too long. There are no good TLDs that specifically target Muslims or Islam. The .imamat domain name fills this critical gap and provides an online space where Muslims can connect and share information about their faith, culture, and businesses.

Who should register a .imamat domain name?

The .imamat domain name is open to everyone who wants to create a website or online presence related to Islam. This includes individuals, families, businesses, religious organizations, non-profit groups, enterprises both for-profit and non-profit, media outlets, and broadcasting services.

What are the qualifications to register a .imamat domain name?

This is an open registry TLD so there are no restrictions on who can be registered or how many domains may be registered in any given person's name. There will be no restrictions beyond our terms of service agreement. The only criteria you must meet is that you agree to abide by the policies set forth in the Registrant Agreement which includes complying with ICANN standards, guidelines and procedures as well as all local country laws where your website is hosted/registered.

Who owns the .imamat domain names?

The TLD is controlled by an independent organization, .IMAMAT, which has been given the domain name by its rightful owner. We have contracted with a series of high-level managers for this TLD to ensure that it meets the needs and desires of Muslims worldwide. Who controls the policies related to .imamat?

The TLD is managed by a multistakeholder board of directors including Muslims from around the world with expertise in technology, finance, media, and other areas. You can contact them here: http://www.imamat.org/contact-us

What type of content will appear on websites using .imamat?

Sites using .imamat must be Islam-related but there are no restrictions on what types of websites may be hosted under this TLD. The only criterion is that the content of websites hosted on .imamat domains must be legal in both the country where sites are hosted as well as the country from which users access those sites.

What security measures will be used to protect my personal information?

All personal data submitted by registrants will be securely protected through our partners at Tucows, one of the world's most respected providers of domain name services. Registrant names and email addresses will not be shared with any third parties except if required by law enforcement, governmental or judicial authorities, or another proper legal process.