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.IQ represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Iraq. It was introduced in 1997 and was intended for entities that have a connection with Iraq. ICANN approved the National Communications and Media Commission of Iraq as the new manager of IQ domains. Marcaria.com is one of the few accredited registrars for this country code extension. If interested, contact Marcaria.com now.

Aside from usage as Iraq’s two-letter country code, IQ is also used to abbreviate other popular words. Other meaning of IQ include: intelligence quotient (psychology), image quality (photography), initial qualification (job requirement), invoice query (accounting software) and intelligent question (online chat).

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Entities connected with Iraq

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What is a .iq domain name?

A .iq is the ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) for Iraq. It follows the same structure as other country code top-level domains such as .co for Colombia and .jp for Japan - it is a two-letter domain name that signifies which country or territory you are registering your website to be hosted in.

Who can use a .iq domain name?

Anyone who would like their site to be hosted in Iraq can use a .iq domain name. It applies to both personal and business use. In cases where a foreign company wishes to register a .iq domain name, they must have an office in Iraq. This is to ensure that the company is not holding its domain name in a country where it can also engage in business activities outside of Iraq.

Who regulates .iq domain name?

The Ministry of Communications and IT oversees all activity related to .iq domains, including registration. The ministry has established an official website for this purpose which you are able to

Who regulates .iq domain name?

ICANN mandates the National Communications and Media Commission of Iraq as the regulatory body for .iq domains. This is a government agency that oversees all telecommunications and media activities in Iraq.

Tips to choose ideal .iq Domain Name

The best way to choose a good .iq domain name is to make sure it closely represents your brand or organization. We advise that you also choose a reputable and trusted registrar for all of your registration needs. This helps to ensure that your domain name is registered in a safe and secure manner.

For better results, choose a .iq domain name that is shorter in length. This helps to ensure that it can be easily remembered by your audience and readership, which can ultimately lead to better results for your brand or organization.

Can you register .iq Domain Without Local Presence?

No, the National Communications and Media Commission of Iraq mandates all individuals and businesses wanting to register a .iq domain name must have an office in Iraq. This is because the country wants to ensure that foreign companies are not engaging in business activities outside of Iraq using their ccTLD, which could potentially lead to issues with taxation and other legalities.

What documents do you need to register .iq Domain Name?

All you need to register a .iq domain name is an active email account and proof of Iraqi citizenship. If you are registering for your business, then you will also need documentation proving that it has been officially registered in Iraq. This can include the registration number which should be displayed on your company's official documents, as well as other information such as the company's name and purpose.

How much does .iq Domain Name cost?

The price of a .iq domain registration is about $30.00 per year, but this depends on the registrar that you choose to go with. This is one of the cheaper ccTLD options available, which makes it an attractive choice for many new businesses or individuals looking to have their sites hosted in Iraq.

Common subdomains

Companies often register common subdomains (.com, .net, etc) along with their .iq domain name. This is common practice and can help to ensure that your site has the best chance of ranking well in search results, so it's recommended for any business or organization who wants their website to be seen by as many people as possible.