Expired .IS domains

Expired .IS Domains


.IS refers to the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Iceland. The spelled out word for .IS is Island which is the Icelandic translation for Iceland. This domain extension was introduced in 1986 and was intended for entities connected with this country.

Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .IS domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Iceland

.IS Registry Information

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Whois Server


Registration Date


Registration Price

$79.00 Annually

Registered Domains


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.IS Stats Last 24hrs

Domains Count 5
Domains with backlinks 5
Majestic TF > 5 1
Moz DA > 5 1
Ahrefs DR > 5 0

.IS Stats Total

Domains Count 535
Domains with backlinks 529
Majestic TF > 5 78
Moz DA > 5 44
Ahrefs DR > 5 25

.IS Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
collection.is $104.00 2021-12-18 Docky.ly
flip.is $99.00 2021-11-25 Docky.ly
http.is $99.00 2021-11-15 Docky.ly
innovation.is $99.00 2021-11-13 Docky.ly
luck.is $99.00 2021-10-30 Docky.ly
dapp.is $104.00 2021-10-04 Docky.ly
foodsense.is $406.00 2020-06-28 Docky.ly
space.is $104.00 2020-04-14 Docky.ly
123mov.is $4,051.00 2020-03-08 Docky.ly
date.is $104.00 2020-01-24 Docky.ly

Who can register a .is domain name?

The registrant of a .is domain must be an Icelandic citizen or registered company. According to ISNIC's rules, the domain name must be connected to an Icelandic entity.

How do I get a .is domain name?

You can apply for registration of your desired .is by filling out ISNIC's application form online and paying their fees.

You can also submit paper forms, but it is a good idea to double-check the information you provide. For more information on ISNIC application process, check their website.

What is the role of ICANN in .is name registration??

ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which controls domain name allocation. This means they are responsible for allocating .is domains to registrars like ISNIC. They also handle complaints about the registration of Icelandic names.

What is ISNIC

The Icelandic Network Information Centre (or ISNIC) is responsible for managing .is domains under ICANN rules and regulations.

They are located in Reykjavik but have branch offices all over Iceland that provide support to their customers around the country. They are known for their excellent customer service and can be reached by phone, email or fax if you have any queries about registering your .is domain name.

What are the common Second-level .is domains?

Some of them include:

.com.is - This is a second-level domain that can only be used by companies and organizations with an Icelandic address.

.net.is - This is another popular one that many businesses use to promote their website online. It's also available for individuals who want to create personal websites or blogs, but remember your website must have an Icelandic connection if you choose this TLD.

.org.is - This is a more common choice for non-profit organizations and charities, but it's also available to individuals who want an Icelandic website address that will be easy for their friends and family members to remember.

.edu.is - This domain is reserved for educational institutions in Iceland, but there are also restrictions on who can register it.

.co.is - If you're a company or an organization with an Icelandic address, then this TLD is perfect for your business website.

What are the Restricted and forbidden .is domain names?

Some of these include:

.abogado - Lawyers only. Don't try to register one if you aren't qualified as a lawyer in Iceland because it will be taken away from you and given to somebody else.

.ac - This is a restricted domain that can only be used by schools, colleges and universities in Iceland.

.coop - Non-profit organizations with an Icelandic address are allowed to register this TLD for free, so it's perfect if your business works on a cooperative basis.

.ferðir - If you're an Icelander planning to take a ferry journey, then this TLD may interest you! The domain can only be used by ferries or travel agencies that are based in Iceland and provide transport services for passengers between the country's islands.

What documents do I need to register a .is domain name?

You will need an Icelandic personal ID number or passport. You may be required to provide further information depending on the type of registration you apply for (e.g., organization, company).

If you are registering on behalf of another company or individual, you will also have to provide their contact detail.s

How much does a .is domain cost?

The price of an Icelandic .com.is domain is generally around $50 per year, while the other TLDs are slightly more expensive. The price range will depend on the TLD and who you are registering for. Usually, the more expensive the domain name, the better quality of customer service you can expect.

Cheapest .IS Prices

New Renew Transfer
Namecheap $45.98 $47.98