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What is the .itv domain name?

The .itv domain name is a top-level domain name that has been specifically designed for use by television broadcasters. It provides a dedicated online space for TV stations to showcase their content and build an online presence.

Why should I register a .itv domain name?

If you are a TV broadcaster or operate a TV-related website then registering a .itv domain name gives you access to:

•A branded, searchable, and highly memorable URL that tells your viewers where they are going when they click on it.

•An area of the internet dedicated exclusively to TV broadcasters and other television content providers.

•The opportunity to develop an individual online presence through customized email accounts and pages dedicated specifically to your brand or program.

•The opportunity to build a community around your TV-related content and engage directly with viewers and fans.

The .itv domain name is perfect for TV broadcasters who want to create a website or online presence that is tailored specifically to their audience. It provides a quick and easy way to get your content online and makes it easier for viewers to find what they are looking for.

TV broadcasters can use the .itv domain name to create a website that showcases their latest content, promotes their shows, and provides information about their station. The domain name can also be used to host videos, photos, and other media content.

If you are a TV broadcaster looking for a unique and memorable domain name, the .itv domain name is a perfect choice. It is easy to use, and it helps you stand out from the crowd.

What types of .itv domain names are available?

There are two types of .itv domain names available, one for TV stations and another for TV-related websites.

•Stations can register the .itv domain name in their own name, or in the name of their parent company.

•Websites can register a .itv domain name to use as an umbrella for all of their TV-related content.

Are there any restrictions on who can register a .itv domain name?

The character requirements for a .itv domain name are the same as those for all new gTLDs.

•The domain must be at least two characters long and may consist of letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), and hyphens (-). Names can also include internationalized characters, such as Ä, Ö, Ü, and ß.

•Names cannot start or end with a hyphen, nor have two consecutive hyphens. A single underscore (_) is also not permitted. Trademarked names containing ampersands (&) or apostrophes('), however, are acceptable provided the appropriate permission has been granted by the trademark holder.

There are no restrictions on who can register a .itv domain name. However, the domain name must be used for legitimate TV-related purposes. The registry reserves the right to reject any applications that do not comply with its terms and conditions.

Who cannot register a .itv domain name?

Domains are not available at this time to individuals or organizations who do not meet the eligibility requirements.

Examples of ineligible applicants:

•Individuals (including TV presenters and bloggers); and,

•Organizations that do not primarily operate television broadcasting businesses; and,

•Organizations that were not established with the primary intention of operating a television broadcasting business.