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.KE represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Kenya. It was introduced in 1993 and was intended for entities connected with or conducting business in Kenya. KeNIC is the authorized agency for carrying out its registry while Marcaria.com is the most trusted registrar where applications are processed.

KE also stands for: kinetic energy, knowledge engineering, keyless entry, Kenya Embassy, knife edge, knowledge exchange, key error, Korean Air, knight empire, knowledge engine, keypad expander, Korean-to-English, and many more.

Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .KE domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Kenya

.KE Registry Information

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Whois Server


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Registration Price

$99.00 Annually

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.KE Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
jiji.co.ke $5,883.00 2019-06-19 Sedo
casino.co.ke $4,750.00 2017-06-13 Sedo
betting.ke.co.ke $2,750.00 2016-09-18 Sedo
betting.co.ke $2,750.00 2016-09-14 Sedo

What is a .ke domain name?

A .ke is the ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) of Kenya, which means that it is a domain name dedicated to the country. It was introduced on January 31st, 1995 but initially wasn't active for normal use until May 15th of the same year.

Who can use a .ke domain name?

The people or companies with business interests in Kenya are allowed to register and maintain an internet presence with a .ke domain. It is important to note that it is not possible for people or companies outside Kenya to purchase a .ke domain name. However, non-Kenyans can still purchase a Kenyan domain name if they have the appropriate local presence.

Who regulates .ke domain name?

The Kenyan Communications Authority (CA) has the ability and responsibility of managing all things related to the ccTLDs, including registering new domains with them as well as maintaining existing ones. This is a one-stop shop type of situation where all that is needed to be done, from start to finish with regards to .ke domain name is handled by the CA.

Tips to choose ideal .ke Domain Name

The use of an easily remembered and spelled word as your web address will make it easier for people who want to visit your site. Before choosing a .ke domain name, try to find out what words are already being used by others. An ideal .ke domain name is one that can be easily remembered and has a unique spelling, so it will not be mixed up with other sites online.

For better ranking on search engines, it is recommended that you include words in your .ke domain name that are also high in traffic. These are the keywords people would use to find information related to what you have decided to put online so definitely take them into consideration when choosing a web address for your site.

Common subdomains for .ke domain

The most common subdomains for the .ke domain are:

  • .co.ke - This is used for commercial purposes
  • .ac.ke - This is commonly used by universities, colleges and other educational institutions in Kenya
  • .go.ke - This i used by the government and any of its agencies
  • .org.ke - This is commonly used by non-profit organizations

Can you register .ke Domain Without Local Presence?

Unfortunately, no. The Kenyan law states that it is mandatory for those who want to buy a .ke domain name to have either a physical or legal presence within Kenya before they can make such purchase. This means that you must have a Kenyan bank account as well as your official business address in the country.

What documents do you need to register .ke Domain Name?

The following is required when applying for a registration of a new domain name:

  • Invoices from suppliers showing proof of local presence within Kenya or any other relevant information that can be used as proof of your business operations in the country.
  • A copy of a Kenyan passport or other official identification showing that you are a citizen within Kenya, if you have neither local presence nor an address.
  • Proof of location where the domain name will be registered for use (physical space).
  • You must also provide all information required for opening an account within the Kenyan banking system.

How much does .ke Domain Name cost?

The .KE domain name is priced according to its second level domain (Subdomain) and they range from as low as $11 per year for a local ISP, up to $100 or more per year depending on who you choose as your registrar.