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Cambodia is a famous tourist destination in Southeast Asia. The country is home to the majestic Royal Palace, massive ruins of Angkor Watt and the historic Khmer Empire. Aside from tourists and backpackers, investors also visit Cambodia for business purposes. It is a prime location for brand name expansion and also very ideal for startups. Workforce is young, literate and inexpensive.

Business policies and taxation laws are in favor to foreign companies. Most importantly, Cambodia provides a key access to Thailand, Vietnam and a midway to India.

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What is a .kh domain name?

A .kh is the ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) for Cambodia. It was introduced in 2000, then managed by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPTC).

Who can use a .kh domain name?

Anyone with an address in Cambodia can register a .kh domain, except for government agencies and organizations registered with MPTC under special laws. In addition, there are some restrictions on the registration of specific types of names.

Who regulates .kh domain name?

Currently, the .kh domain name is under the Regulator of Cambodia (TRC), a quasi-autonomous body under the Council of Ministers (CAM). It is mandated to regulate Cambodia's telecommunications and broadcasting sectors.

Tips to choose ideal .kh Domain Name

The process for choosing a good Cambodia domain name is easy. You need to know what you want, and ensure your choices are available on the web; not too long or difficult to remember; not confusingly similar with other domain names of the same class.

In Cambodia, there are many similar domains to choose from which may sound confusing at first. However, it is easy to get around this problem by following some simple rules and guidelines when choosing a name including picking out what you need in advance before looking for a domain name.

-The first part of the second word should be your company's name or something related to it, for example Donuts Land.

-Do not include words like “digital” and “center” since they are too general and may cause some confusion among users.

Common subdomains for .kh domain

The common subdomains of Cambodia are:

.com.kh - This is the most common type of domain in Cambodia and is applicable to all types of businesses.

.edu.kh - This is meant for educational institutions, such as schools and universities in Cambodia, but it can also be used by other non-profit organizations that fall under this category like charities or research groups within the country.

.gov.kh - This type of Cambodia domain is reserved for the use of government organizations in Cambodia.

.net.kh - This subdomain is intended to be used by network service providers operating within Cambodia, or those that provide services related to networking both locally and internationally.

.org.kh - This domain name is intended for the use of organizations and associations in Cambodia which are involved with or closely related to religion.

Can you register .kh Domain Without Local Presence?

You do not need a physical presence in Cambodia while registering a .kh domain, but it will be easier if you have an agent who can assist with various legal requirements.

What documents do you need to register .kh Domain Name?

It is very easy and quick to get a .kh domain name in Cambodia, but there are some legal requirements that must be met first before registration can take place. These include providing the full registered address of your company along with its landline number which is required by the Communications Authority of Cambodia (CAC).

How much does .kh Domain Name cost?

The price for a limited-time registration is $50/year, and a non-limited period costs $100 per year. Free domains are available but only through an authorized agent. However, if you choose to register a .kh domain name through an authorized agent, the price for this type of Cambodia domain registration is about $20/year.