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Entities connected with the Cayman Islands

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$68.00 Annually

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GoDaddy Online Services Cayman Islands Ltd. 7,181 82.31%

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startup.ky $675.00 2018-03-02 Uniregistry
chee.ky $4,000.00 2017-11-26 Private
porn.ky $190.00 2017-04-19 Flippa

What is a .ky domain name?

A .ky domain is the ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) for Cayman Islands. It is used to identify websites related with Cayman Islands.

Who can use a .ky domain name?

Any person or entity who has an association, connection or affiliation of any kind with the Cayman Islands is eligible for registering .ky Domain Name. This means, anyone living in the country as well as foreigners are allowed to register this ccTLD. Businesses, organizations or individuals who want to use .ky domain name for their websites should check with the local Internet registry.

Who regulates .ky Domain Name?

The Cayman Islands Utility Regulation and Competition Office is responsible for regulating .ky domain name. It does this by ensuring that the .ky domain name complies with existing ICANN registration rules and regulations. This includes maintaining the registry of .ky domain names.

Tips to choose ideal .ky Domain Name

If you are searching for a catchy and easy-to-remember.KY domain name, it is advisable that you use words relevant to your website or business. For example, if you run an online store selling food products from Cayman Islands, it is advisable that you register “caymanislandsfoods.ky” as your domain name instead of using a subdomain like "shop. caymanislandfoods.com".

The best way you can do this is by checking if your desired keyword(s) are available in .ky domain space before going ahead with a purchase. If you have selected a particular set of keywords for you domainr name, it is advisable that you do a domain name check to find out if they are available or not.

Common subdomains for .ky Domain

Some of the most common suffixes used in .KY domains include:

.com.ky - The most common suffix for commercial ventures

.net.ky - Used by companies that provide internet services

.org.ky - Commonly used by non-profit organizations and educational institutions

.edu.ky - Mainly for educational institutions

.gov.ky - Mainly used by government organizations and departments

Can you register .ky Domain Without Local Presence?

Yes, it is possible to register a .KY domain name without local presence in the country as well as outside Cayman Islands. However, such registrations are subject to certain restrictions imposed by the local Internet Registry. For businesses, it will be required to prove an affiliation with the Cayman Islands.

For individuals, they need to present proof of residency in the country or at least a copy of their passport for registration purposes.

How much does .ky Domain Name cost?

Price per year is around $100-$150. It can vary depending upon certain factors such as the number of years for which you want to register your domain name. In addition, if you are planning to transfer a .com or any other gTLD name with us then it will be treated as an additional year and will cost slightly higher than usual registration fee.

What is the best way of getting a .ky domain name?

You have two options for buying an ideal .KY Domain Name: You may buy directly from our website or use one of our affiliated registrars when purchasing this ccTLD.