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What is the .lidl domain name?

The .lidl top-level domain name is a new generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) for the international Lidl shopping company. The unique name .lidl will give producers an opportunity to present their products and services in a unique and unforgettable way online.

Why choose the .lidl domain name?

The .lidl domain name will make it possible to promote the goods and services produced by Lidl using short, memorable, and relevant web addresses.

In addition, the new domain name will help to improve the company's online presence and create a more unified global online identity.

The new .lidl domain name is perfect for businesses that want to create a memorable and unique web presence. With a .lidl domain name, you can instantly set yourself apart from the competition and make it easy for customers to find your products and services.

Regardless of whether you are working in advertising or marketing, logistics or IT, .lidl is the perfect domain for your new online identification. With the .lidl gTLD, you can get your very own name with an intuitive web address that is immediately recognizable.

The .lidl name combines the word "Lidl", which is known worldwide, with a unique and memorable domain name extension.

Instead of using ".com" or ".de", producers who register products and services with the .lidl domain will stand out from their competitors on all devices: on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.

Who can register the .lidl domain name?

Any producer of goods or provider of services can register a .lidl name for his own internet presence either as an individual or via his company.

This is possible in order to advertise one's own products or that of others in a specific location. Lidl itself will not be using this TLD for its own online presence.

How can I register a .lidl domain name?

The new .lidl domain name is now available for registration. To get started, simply visit the official website and choose the right package for you. With a variety of options to choose from, you can find the perfect domain name for your business.

What are the registration restrictions for a .lidl domain name?

A .lidl domain name must comply with the following rules:

- The registration is not possible for purely fictional or fantasy names.

- The name must correspond to a valid company or product name.

- The domain must be registered in the customer's own name and cannot be transferred to a third party.

- The domain may not be used for unlawful purposes.

- It must comply with all relevant national, European and international laws.

- The domain name must comply with rules in force in the registry.

- It is not possible to register a .lidl domain name via proxy or privacy shield.

What is the common second-level .lidl domain name?

The common second-level .lidl domain name is a domain name that will be used as a logical division of the top-level .lidl domain. These divisions can be assigned to different areas and may correspond to current or new branches of the Lidl branch network.

What does a .lidl web address look like?

Using a second-level .lidl domain, you can create your very own short and intuitive web address for your internet presence. In addition, it has the advantage of being linked to your brand or company without any doubt about its origin. This gives customers an immediate association with your products and services.

These are some possible combinations using a second-level .lidl domain: