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.LK represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Sri Lanka. LK Domain Registry is the authorized body that manages its operation and administration. It was assigned 27 years ago and since then strict registration rules are observed.

Aside from its usage as Sri Lanka’s two-letter country code, LK is also used as an acronym or abbreviation for other words. Popular definitions of LK include: Linux Kernel (software), Last Knight (military), like (online chat or SMS), lake (geology) or lock (government).

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Entities connected with Sri Lanka

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$36.00 Annually

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What is a .lk domain name?

A .lk domain is the ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) for Sri Lanka.

Who can use a .lk domain name?

Anyone with the desire to have a website in Sri Lanka with the local extension of .lk may apply for it. What's more, if you want your foreign company or brand registered as "local", then you should opt for this type of domain name. This way, the website will be clearly and easily identified as a local entity.

Who regulates .lk domain name?

The country's regulatory body – LK domain registry, is responsible for all activities related to the registration of domains under this extension. Some of the notable mandates of this registry with regards to .lk domain include:

-Ensuring compliance with the country's laws and policies.

-Granting approval for the registration of .lk domains, as well as transferring previously registered ones.

-Keeping an updated register of all .lk domain names across the country.

Tips to choose ideal .lk Domain Name

You should always try and get the best name that you can possibly think of. This means that your domain must be easily identifiable with what it is all about. One way to ensure this happens would be by using relevant keywords in your address, which will make it easier for users who

Tips to choose ideal .lk Domain Name

As a rule of thumb, find a .lk domain that is short and memorable. In this context, it is best if you opt for a single word as your domain name as opposed to multiple words or an acronym as these are easier to remember. On the other hand, two-word domains can be challenging because people have a tendency to forget the second word.

Common subdomains for .lk domain

When it comes to choosing a common name, there are several options you can opt for based on your business type and scope. Some of these include:

-com.lk – Commercial entities that sell products or services online. This includes e-commerce websites.

-edu.lk – Educational institutions such as schools and universities, which provide education to students online.

-gov.lk – Government institutions that offer government services or information online. This includes agencies and departments of the central government in Sri Lanka.

-org.lk - Nonprofit organizations, charities, and NGOs.

-net.lk – Internet service providers or ISPs that offer internet services to the general public.

Can you register .lk Domain Without Local Presence?

This is not possible as the domain name must be registered in Sri Lanka where it will have a local presence through an office of ISP/ISP for the purpose of the registrant.

What documents do you need to register .lk Domain Name?

To successfully acquire a new domain name, all applicants must have a local presence in Sri Lanka as per the requirement for this type of domain by LK registry.

This means that any individual or company that wishes to apply needs an office address in Sri Lanka. This can take the form of a physical office or an address that is used as headquarters for their operations in the country.

How much does .lk Domain Name cost?

The price range varies from one registrar to another and generally starts at around $16 (Rs 11000) per year for domain registrations under this extension.