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.LS represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Lesotho. It was launched in 1993 and was intended for individuals or companies with connection to Lesotho. Rhodes University is the authorized body for carrying out .LS registry and operation. On the other, applications for .LS domains are processed by accredited registrars such as Marcaria.com.

LS also stands for: list, light speed, link state, live search, little sister, Levi Strauss, local search lifesaver, live stock, lucky star, Luke Skywalker, Lost Saga (online game), lucky strike, lunar surface, LAN server, leap second, and many more.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Lesotho

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$188.00 Annually

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.LS Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
ur.ls $1,250.00 2020-01-23 Flippa
ow.ls $800.00 2019-12-15 DomainHacks.com
bil.ls $499.00 2019-07-17 Flippa
l.ls $1,799.00 2018-07-23 Flippa
y.ls $915.00 2018-06-15 Flippa

.ls domain name

The top level domain name ls is the country code for Lesotho. Registration of this domain is available to any interested person or organization, regardless of location or nationality, via accredited registrars listed on our website. The registry system for.LS is not open to the public. This policy ensures that all domains are registered fairly, avoiding any domain name speculation and allowing all interested parties equal access to this string in the interests of promoting competition in the registration of names.

Who Can Register .ls domain name?

Any individual or organization worldwide will be able to register a .LS domain name provided they are legally allowed to do so by the laws of their country whose ccTLD it is, and that they accept the Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration.

Why do I need a .ls domain name and hosting for my website?

A .LS domain name gives your website instant credibility because it is the official country code for Lesotho. It also provides local IP address information to your visitors; this helps search engines like Google and Bing to route users who may be searching for websites related to Lesotho, directly to yours.

Does having a .ls domain name mean I have an actual business presence in Lesotho?

No, having a .ls domain name does not mean that you have an actual business presence in Lesotho, and using only a . LS domain cannot be used as evidence of such. However, you can use it to link your site to the country – which is likely – given the nature of your website. For example, if your site is about Lesotho, then a.LS domain name would be appropriate.

Can I register any word as a .ls domain name?

Yes, any word is valid for registration unless specifically excluded in the terms of registration.

What are the benefits of .ls domains vs other top-level domains like .net, org, info, etc.?

The .ls domain name has been specifically designed for Lesotho websites only, which sets it apart from any generic top-level domains, such as .com or .net, and allows visitors to more easily find sites related to Lesotho.

How can I register my .ls domain?

The process of registering a .ls domain is the same as registering any other top-level domain. Simply go to any domain registrar and complete the registration form:

  • Select: .ls (Lesotho)
  • Enter an email address for your account, and a password
  • Enter your domain name in the “Domain Name” field
  • Make sure you enter one of the following names: mydomainname.ls (where mydomainname is your site name) or .co.ls (to be able to use it with a web hosting service, such as this one).
  • Confirm that you agree to our terms and conditions by checking the box below the form
  • Enter your credit card details, and continue to payment
  • Payment can be made with VISA or MasterCard.

And that’s it! You will then receive an email containing your login details. That’s all there is to registering a .ls domain!