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There is no special process needed to register a .LUXURY domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

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$40.00 Annually

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Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
GoDaddy.com, LLC 853 29.56%
Google LLC 206 7.14%
CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. 102 3.53%
Nom-iq Ltd. dba COM LAUDE 82 2.84%
1API GmbH 75 2.60%
Name.com, Inc. 74 2.56%
Sav.com, LLC 65 2.25%
eNom, LLC 61 2.11%
Porkbun LLC 59 2.04%
Regional Network Information Center, JSC dba RU-CENTER 52 1.80%

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pet.luxury $14.00 2021-11-15 Sav.com

What is the .luxury domain name?

The .luxury domain name is a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) added to the ever-growing list of new gTLDs. It is intended for luxury brands and businesses, and the registration process is selective.

Only businesses that can demonstrate a legitimate connection to the luxury industry are approved to register a .luxury domain name.

The .luxury domain name is ideal for businesses that offer high-end products or services, such as fashion, travel, food, wine, real estate, and more. It provides a secure and trusted space for luxury brands to promote their products and services online and allows customers to easily find and connect with these businesses.

Why should you consider registering a .luxury domain name?

There are many reasons why should consider registering a .luxury domain name for your business.

1. The .luxury domain name is more relevant to luxury brands than the .com TLD. Consumers tend to trust more relevant domains than generic ones, so the .luxury domain will help you stand out from your competitors and be easily found by potential customers online.

2. The .luxury domain name is easy to remember. Using a short and memorable domain like "mycompanyname."luxury makes it easier for people to share information about your brand on social media channels or via email with friends and family.

3. The .luxury domain name provides high online security features, allowing buyers to feel confident when purchasing products on websites using this extension; LuxSci provides comprehensive email and website security for .luxury domain owners.

4. The .luxury domain name is perfect for businesses that want to target high-end consumers. The luxury market is worth trillions of dollars, so registering a .luxury domain name provides your business with a valuable online presence and the opportunity to reach this lucrative market.

Why should I register a .luxury domain name?

The .luxury domain name provides an easy to remember, relevant, and secure domain for luxury brands that are looking to attract more customers.

The .luxury domain name provides the best possible avenue to market your high-end products through a powerful range of online marketing tools.

If you are a business that operates in the luxury industry, then registering a .luxury domain name is a great way to promote your brand online.

The .luxury TLD is exclusive and will help you to stand out from the competition. It also sends a message to your customers that you are a reputable, high-quality business.

Why can't I use my current .com or other TLDs?

Luxury brands are becoming more conscious about their digital presence and how it relates to their bottom line. Because .luxury is specifically for luxury goods, you won't have any unexpected surprises on the search results page due to pages being indexed that don't meet your stringent standards.

What differentiates a site using a .luxury domain from one using other domains?

By utilizing the .luxury extension, you are making sure that your audience doesn't get confused by mistaking your brand with others' less expensive alternatives through searches.

What are the common second-level .luxury domains?

Typically, a brand would have the main website using the .luxury top-level domain with additional information on their second-level domain.

Some common second-level .luxury domains include:





.real estate


Who is eligible for a .luxury domain name? Is it only available for businesses?

Only luxury brands can register a .luxury name; however, individuals are eligible for third-level domains.

What differentiates the .luxury domain name from other domain extensions?

The .luxury top-level domain is a new and exclusive TLD that is only available to luxury brands. It is short, memorable, and easily recognizable by both consumers and search engines alike. The .com or generic TLD doesn't have the same level of trust as a .luxury domain name because it could be seen as less relevant to luxury brands.