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Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .LY domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Libya

.LY Registry Information

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Whois Server


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Registration Price

$99.00 Annually

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.LY Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
models.ly $99.00 2021-12-31 Park.io
drip.ly $510.00 2021-12-28 Park.io
artistic.ly $514.00 2021-12-26 Park.io
work.ly $1,004.00 2021-12-24 Docky.ly
dare.ly $79.00 2021-12-23 Docky.ly
smpl.ly $99.00 2021-12-21 Park.io
bing.ly $410.00 2021-12-21 Park.io
apparel.ly $90.00 2021-12-20 Docky.ly
hart.ly $99.00 2021-12-18 Park.io
brush.ly $106.00 2021-12-17 Docky.ly

.ly domain name

.ly domain name is a top-level domain (TLD) and country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Libya. It was created on November 15th, 2003 and became active on March 14th, 2004. .LY domains are available to any individual or company in the world that wants one.

Who can register on .ly domain name?

.ly domain name registration is open to anyone that wants one, provided they meet the .ly Rules and Regulations.

Registration of second-level domains under various sub-domains is also offered; these are called "Alias Names", such as company.ly, club.ly or webmail.ly.

What can you use .ly domain name for?

.ly domain name can be used for personal, educational, commercial or government websites. You can also purchase and use a .ly domain name for your company who sells Libyan products and services.

Are there any special rules for .ly domain name?

Yes, the .ly Rules and Regulations are defined by NIC.ly (The .LY Registry) to ensure that all registrants understand the policies in place.

Generally speaking, these rules are mainly common sense in nature;

  • The domain name is available to register
  • Follows all Libyan entities under the Regulations.

The .ly domain name CANNOT be:

  • Reserved for future use or similar

What is the cost of registration on .ly domain name?

The price of a .ly domain name registration starts from $75 per year.

How can I register on .ly domain name?

The process of .ly domain name registration is similar to other TLDs like .com. You can register on anu registrar website via the "Register" link.

Follow these steps to register the .ly domain name:

1. Select the domain name

2-. Select "check availability"

3. Fill in the required fields on the form that appears next

6. Click the button "register now" and you will see your confirmed .ly domains

What are common second level .lu domain names?

Here are some common second level .lu domain names followed by their .ly equivalent:

  • .com.lu = .ly
  • .net.lu = .ly
  • .org.lu = .ly
  • .edu.lu = .ly

How to check the registration of a domain on .ly?

The process is similar to checking the registration of other TLDs like those under the com and net TLDs: go to the page of the registrar website.

Why should I register the .lu domain name?

.Lu domain name is the ccTLD of Luxembourg which means it is targeted to all Luxembourg citizens and their websites. This domain name can also be used by companies who are working with or have an interest in doing business with Luxembourg.

The .lu ccTLD will give an impression of linguistic authority and authenticity to your website, something that you can't get from other generic TLDs like .com or .net.

What rules apply on .lu domain name registration?

There are no special rules that govern the registration of a .lu domain name. However, it is worth noting that the trademark rules still apply. This means that trademarks are not allowed to be registered in the .lu domain name.