Expired .MA domains

Expired .MA Domains


.MA represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Morocco. It was introduced in 1993. Registry is carried out by Agence Nationale de Reglementation de Telecommunications.

Registration Requirements

Registration of a .MA domain name is subject to the following conditions:

Owner or administrative contact:

Address in Morocco required

Intended Use

Entities connected with Morocco

.MA Registry Information

Registration Service


Whois Server


Registration Date


Registration Price

$68.00 Annually

Registered Domains


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.MA Stats Last 24hrs

Domains Count 10
Domains with backlinks 10
Majestic TF > 5 0
Moz DA > 5 0
Ahrefs DR > 5 0

.MA Stats Total

Domains Count 980
Domains with backlinks 962
Majestic TF > 5 38
Moz DA > 5 17
Ahrefs DR > 5 7

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Example .MA Domains

Domain Name Majestic TF Majestic CF Moz DA Moz PA Ahrefs DR Ahrefs UR SZ Score Age Google Index
extrarevolit.ma 0 0 - - - - - - -
mixtech.ma 0 7 - - - - - - -
justforyou.ma 0 0 - - - - - - -

.MA Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
horizontv.ma $750.00 2020-02-15 Sedo
win.ma $2,467.00 2018-08-15 Sedo
888.ma $6,255.00 2016-11-28 Sedo
po.ma $1,828.00 2016-11-21 Sedo

Who can register a .ma domain name?

A .ma domain name can be registered by anyone who has a valid Moroccan address.

You have to provide an administrative contact for the .ma domain, and this must be from Morocco.

Who regulates a .ma domain name?

The organization that registers .ma domain names is called Agence Nationale pour l'Administration des Noms de Domaine en .MA. This is an official body of the Moroccan Government.

What documents are needed to get a .ma domain name?

You need official documentation to prove the authenticity of your Moroccan address, such as a utility bill or bank statement. This must be an original document. For Moroccan residents, the Moroccan ID card is sufficient.

If you are a foreign national living in Morocco then your passport can be used as proof of address. As part of the process, you may need to send a copy of this document by fax or email.

How much does a .ma domain name cost?

One-year registration costs 100 MAD for the first year, and 50 MAD to renew it yearly after that if you choose not to do so every two years.

It generally takes up to five days for your new .ma domain name to become active, and you can check its status at any time in your account.

What are the common Second-level .ma domains?

Some of the most popular second level .ma domains include:

.net.ma - For Moroccan companies in the technological sector.

.org.ma - For non-profit organizations that do not have a religious affiliation or political purpose, and can present proof of this mission to Agence Nationale pour l'Administration des Noms de Domaine en .MA (ANSD).

.gov.ma - Reserved for the Moroccan Government.

.edu.ma - Reserved for educational institutions that are accredited in Morocco, and can present proof of their accreditation to ANSD or one of its regional counterparts within the country.

Which .ma domain is best for non-governmental organizations?

The .org top-level extension offers a cheaper alternative than some other TLDs, and is good for non-governmental organizations that do not have a religious affiliation or political purpose.

Alternatively, you can check out the .co.ma TLD, which is also an open second-level domain with no restrictions on registration.

Which .ma domain name works best for companies?

The net .ma TLD (top-level) extension offers the most value to businesses in Morocco since it provides access to many high-traffic websites with Moroccan internet users like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can also use this domain for websites and email addresses that serve as a contact point for your business since the .ma extension is well known in Morocco.

How long does it take to register a .ma domain name?

Registering takes about 20 days and costs MAD 200 to MAD 350 for the first two years of registration, depending on the length of your desired .ma domain.

This may however vary based on the availability of your preferred .ma domain. You can easily monitor the status of your .ma domain in real-time through our WHOIS lookup tool.