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What is the .mango domain name?

The .mango domain name is a brand new internet extension, dedicated to mango lovers worldwide.

The .mango TLD has been created to expand the online experience with a dedicated place for mango lovers. It will allow you to create a unique and relevant web presence for your organization or business focusing on mangos or mango-related products and services.

Why use .mango?

With the launch and increasing popularity of social media, consumers are seeking easier ways to find exactly what they're looking for online.

The .mango domain name is a new and relevant way to take your mangos or mango-related products and services directly to the consumer.

The .mango domain name is perfect for businesses, organizations, or individuals who want to create a web presence specifically related to mangos or mango-related products and services.

It will help you to stand out from the crowd and communicate your passion for this delicious fruit.

The .mango top-level domain is tailored for anyone from individual consumers looking to share recipes, tips, and tricks through blogs or social media sites all the way up to large-scale commercial enterprises that need an internet address that stands out in order to attract more customers.

Anyone can register a .mango web extension at very affordable prices! There has never been a better time to get online and promote your mango-related products or services with a .mango domain name.

What can I do with a .mango web address?

You can use your .mango website to showcase all things mango including mango recipes, mango activities, places people can get mangos from, or anything else related to this luscious fruit.

A .mango web address allows you a memorable URL that can help drive traffic to your site while also providing an easily identifiable space on the internet.

.Mango is perfect for:

Fruit stores and farmers markets

Growers and suppliers of mangos and products made from mangoes

Mango lovers who want to share their passion with other like-minded people online through blogging or social media sites

Anyone who wants a relevant, short, and easy-to-remember web address

What are the registration restrictions for a .mango domain name?

There are no restrictions for registering a .mango domain name.

Anyone can register a .mango web address, as long as it complies with ICANN's policies and guidelines.

What is the difference between a .com, .net, and a .mango domain name?

In short, the main difference is that each TLD is targeted at different audiences or industries. A .com extension will most likely be associated with commercial ventures due to its wide use as the go-to top-level domain for businesses around the world.

A .net domain name may be used by businesses or individuals looking for an alternative to the more popularly used .com and/or .org.

The .mango domain extension is targeted towards the growing mango enthusiast community, who are looking for a web address that stands out from their competitors in order to get online and grow their passion.

What are the requirements for registration of a .mango name?

Before you can register a .mango website address you will need to have or set up an active website with content relevant to the domain name you want to use. You also need an active email account so that you can receive notifications about your new domain name when it becomes available.

You can apply for one or more .mango names by clicking here! Please note that there are no refunds if multiple applications are made under different accounts, as this goes against our registration policy.