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.MO is the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Macao or Macau. This domain suffix was introduced in 1992 and was intended for entities doing business in Macau. MONIC is the authorized body for carrying out .MO’s registry.

Aside from usage as Macau’s two-letter country code, MO is also used to abbreviate other words. Popular meaning of MO include: Missouri (US state), month (time and date), Morocco (country) and medical officer (occupation).

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Entities connected with Macau

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What is a .mo domain name?

.mo domain name is the domain name for Macau.

It is the ccTLD (country code top-level domain) for Macau, a special administrative region of China. Like Hong Kong, Macau has its own top-level domain.

How to register .mo domain name?

Find your name:

First, you need to know if your desired domain name is available, and second, what TLD it is currently registered under. Once you have these two pieces of information, you can then begin the process of finding your name.

To know if your desired domain name is available or not, you will need to check different TLDs one by one. Most TLDs are available for registration.

Build your website:

Next, you need to plan what type of domain name you will register. There are many different types of domains that can be registered.

Most people register their own name as their domain name. However, there are different types of domains that can be registered.

- Personal names, for example, John Smith

- Generic terms, for example, lawyers.com

- Branded terms, for example, Nike.com

Send an email:

Create a new email account and add it to your favorites so you can easily access it during checkout. Add this email address to your permission email lists to ensure you receive messages from the TLD supplier.

When you have filled out all of this information, click on “next” to be taken to a payment page.

Who can own a .mo domain name?

Individuals are allowed to register .mo domain names. Commercials are not allowed to register .mo domain names.

Companies and organizations must provide a letter of authorization from their home government to register .mo domain name.

A foreign company or organization cannot own a .mo domain name directly. The only way they can get a .mo is to ask an individual in Macau to be their registrant.

Also, supporting documents must be provided to prove that the applicant has an office in Macau.

What is required when applying for a .mo domain name?

An application form must be filled out and sent along with:

- Copy of company or organization registration certificate.

- Proof that the applicant has an office in Macau.

- A letter of authorization from the company or organization's home country.

- Evidence that supporting documents.

What are the registration restrictions for a .mo domain name?

- The domain name must have a Macau contact.

- A legal representative's authorization letter is required to register a .mo domain name on behalf of another party.

- The applicant's company or organization should be located in Macau.

- The applicant must be a natural person who has his or her permanent address in Macau.

- The domain name should have the same spelling as the applicant's company or organization.

- The domain name cannot be the same as another registered company or organization.

- The applicant must not have any criminal records in Macau.

- Foreign applicants need to submit a certificate of incorporation and proof that they are legally established in their home country.