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Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
Nom-iq Ltd. dba COM LAUDE 108 27.14%
101domain GRS Limited 77 19.35%
EnCirca, Inc. 40 10.05%
1API GmbH 28 7.04%
IP Twins SAS 4 1.01%
Instra Corporation Pty Ltd. 3 0.75%
Lexsynergy Limited 3 0.75%

.Moi Domain Name

The .moi domain name is a new top-level domain introduced in the domain world. This domain helps to eradicate the language barriers in the business world. The .moi domain name works as a connection between two or more individuals with different backgrounds. Let's check out more about the .moi domain name in this article.

What Are The Goals And Objectives Of The .Moi Domain Name?

The .moi domain name helps you work better and show the world about your skills and services despite language barriers. This domain offers various opportunities for website owners to connect with the world. The .moi domain name provides a creative and original forum to the companies, organizations, individuals, etc.

Who Can Register For The .Moi Domain Name?

If you are an investor, storyteller, entrepreneur, then you must show your charismatic skills to the world. This can happen with the help of the .moi domain name. If you want your online production can reach out to its maximum level, you should get the .moi domain name first hand.

What Is The Registration Policy For The .Moi Domain Name?

The registration process for the .moi domain name is quite simple and easy. You can get yourself registered for the .moi domain name in no time without any problem. Once you get this extension, you will be registered for a maximum of 10 years. If you want to unsubscribe from the registration, you can do it without any complexes.

The minimum registration period is one year. After registration, you are offered two more services by the .moi domain name. One is the renewal of your .moi domain name. Whereas the other is the transfer of your .moi domain name. All three of them have different charges. The registration charges are $15.99 annually. The renewal and transfer charges are $12.99 annually.

Are There Any Registration Restrictions Applied In The .Moi Domain Name?

The .moi domain name is a helping hand for many business owners, organizations out there. There are no registration restrictions in the .moi domain name. Any individual can get himself registered for the .moi domain name.

What Are The Registration Requirements For The .Moi Domain Name?

Every domain or registration form has its policies. Similarly, the .moi domain name has announced the best ways to register. These ways or methods are required to avoid any type of confusion during and after registration. Following are the registration requirements for the .moi domain name.

  • Choose English language only for the name registration.
  • You can use any English alphabet from a to z in your .moi domain name.
  • You can also use numbers in your .moi domain name from 0 to 9.
  • You can use hyphens in the middle of the name only.
  • Avoid using spaces, special characters, and brackets in your name.
  • Choose a relevant and different name that is not pre-registered.

What Are The Advantages Of Registration For The .Moi Domain Name?

  • The main and biggest advantage of the .moi domain name is that anybody can get this domain easily.
  • The policies of the .moi domain name are comparatively easy to understand.
  • You can take your website business to the heights of success through the .moi domain name.
  • The .moi domain name makes your presence important and impactful on the internet.
  • The .moi domain name introduces you to different levels and techniques to handle business.