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.MW represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Malawi. This ccTLD was introduced in 1997 and was intended for entities that have affiliation with Malawi. The authorized agency for carrying out .MW registry and administration is Malawi Sustainable Development Network Programme. On the other hand, registration can be processed via accredited registrars such as Marcaria.com.

MW stands for: most wanted, mouth watering, medium well, Microsoft Word, Merriam-Webster, minimum wage, Milky Way, midwife, microwave, middleware, maintenance window, millimeter wave, and many more.

Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .MW domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Malawi

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$83.00 Annually

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Who can own a .mw domain name?

The .mw domain name is intended to appeal to local businesses, who will want this representation in their web content.

The fact that it can be used by any organization located in Malawi may prove attractive for corporate entities looking to expand their operations into the country.

Anyone can own a .mw domain, as long as it is:

1) not violating local laws and regulations and

2) your organization is located in Malawi.

3) You have a local presence in Malawi AND

4) you are able to verify this.

Why use a .mw domain name?

A .mw web address makes your company instantly more accessible and relevant online with local customers in Malawi.

It will appear higher in local search engine results.

Your .mw web address will be easier to remember, more intuitive, and relevant for users on social media platforms.

It tells people exactly where you are located – Malawi – and what kind of organization you are.

What are the requirements for a .mw domain name?

To register a .mw domain name, you need to have a local presence in Malawi. This can be either:

- A physical office located in Malawi or

- Local representation (a person who is able to conduct business/admin duties on your behalf in Malawi.

The local presence must be established and verifiable by the registry, so they can assign and manage rights to the domain name.

So please make sure you have a valid address and phone number registered with NICsM (Malawi Network Information Centre).

How many characters can my .mw domain name have?

A .mw domain name may consist of between three (3) and 63 alphanumeric characters: A – Z; a – z; 0 – 9.

Special characters such as (!) @ # $%^&*$ are not allowed.

You can use lowercase and uppercase letters (A-Z) in your .MW domain name.

Can I register more than one .mw domain name?

Yes, you can register as many .mw domain names as you want (even several per second), but all of them must be registered on the same application form and used by the same organization or individual within Malawi.

What are the rules for .mw domain name names?

A .mw domain must:

1) be at least three characters long,

2) include only letters from A-Z or a-z, and

3) not begin or end with a hyphen.

You can't:

1) use any special character other than a hyphen in the third position of a domain name,

2) begin or end a .mw domain with a hyphen,

3) use the "-" character in the third position of any .mw domain name,

4) include more than one hyphen in any .mw domain name.

What is a premium .mw domain name?

A premium domain name is a second-level domain under .mw that is registered directly with the registrar instead of going through an "aftermarket" registration system.

Premium domains may be more desirable because they are sold directly by the registry, rather than through a registrar.

Most (but not all) premium .mw domain names are registered in auctions. They come with additional registration restrictions and fees.

When you register a premium .mw domain, search engines will be more inclined to list your website higher in their results.