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.MZ domain represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Mozambique. This ccTLD was introduced in 1992 and was intended for entities affiliated with Mozambique. Registry is carried out by Centro de Inform√°tica da Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, while registration is processed via an accredited registrar like Marcaria.com.

MZ also stands for: Manager Zone, Mobile Zone, Multi Zone, Marvel Zombies, meal size, Manual Zoom, Melt Zone, Museum of Zoology, Military Zone, Micro Zoom, Melbourne Zoo, Multiple Zone, Master Zero, melted zone, and many more.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Mozambique

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$109.00 Annually

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.MZ Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
101domain GRS Limited 113 1.16%
Lexsynergy Limited 81 0.83%
MarkMonitor Inc. 72 0.74%

Who can own a .mz domain name?

The .mz ccTLD stands for Mozambique.

All Mozambican citizens or foreign citizens with a permanent residence in Mozambique can own a .mz domain name. In this case, the registrant must provide legal documentation proving its status as a permanent resident of Mozambique.

Foreigners who do not reside in Mozambique can also own a .mz domain name, however, the registrant must comply with local laws regarding foreign ownership of land.

In order to own a .mz domain name, the registrant must prove its Mozambican nationality. This is possible via an electronic identity card (EIC) or a passport.

The document provided must have a photograph corresponding to the natural person and include his/her identification number.

In the case of a legal entity, it will be enough to provide documentation from the Central Registry of Legal Entities regarding its registration as a company.

In this case, the company must have a physical presence in Mozambique and must prove that it has been operating for at least one year (12 months).

Once the application is filed, the registry will review to which extension the domain name belongs. In addition, there are a few requirements to be fulfilled in order to register a .mz domain name.

Anyone can own a .mz domain name, as long as they're a resident of Mozambique and register through a local registrar.

What are the registration restrictions for a .mz domain name?

The registrant must be a Mozambican citizen.

An individual can register up to 50 domain names under different third-level domains, while the legal entity can own an unlimited number of .mz second-level domains.

There are no restrictions on how many domain names you can register at once under the same second-level subdomain (eg: turismo.co.mz).

The .mz domain name registration is valid for a period of one to ten years and can be renewed for two periods (two or five years).

The registrant must provide the necessary documentation in this regard:

a) Proof of domicile address in Mozambique;

b) The EIC or passport.

The .mz domain name is open to anyone who wishes to have it without having to provide proof of identity. However, the registrant must comply with the laws in force pertaining to foreign ownership of land in Mozambique.

There are no issues in purchasing a second-level .mz domain name (e.g. example.co.mz).

In this case, there is no need for authorization from the Registrar General, as long as the domain name is not identical or similar to a trademark.

What are the characters allowed for a .mz domain name?

The characters allowed under the second-level subdomain are letters of the Latin alphabet, digits, and hyphens. Two consecutive hyphens cannot be used as part of a domain name.

A .mz domain name can contain the letters a-z, 0-9, and hyphens (-). No other special signs are allowed.

The .mz domain name cannot start or contain a hyphen followed by another character (e.g.: -a1b2).

The .mz domain name cannot start with a number (e.g.: 1a).

In the .mz domain name, the minimum length of a label is 3 characters and the maximum length is 63 characters. A label starts with a letter and ends with a letter or a digit.

The .mz domain name can only contain the letters a-z and 0-9.

The .mz domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen (-). No other special signs are allowed. Please note that it is prohibited to use all uppercase characters in your domain name, as well as using only numbers.