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What is the .natura domain name?

The .natura domain name is a dedicated nature-themed top-level domain, which has been developed in the interest of environmental organizations and projects.

The .natura domain name can be used to accompany a project or initiative's web presence, for example: .

The aim of this new TLD is to establish a simple and memorable identity on the Internet for all the parties interested in protecting nature - thus creating an excellent opportunity to promote their work!

What are the registration restrictions for a .natura domain name?

There are no specific restrictions on who can register a .natura domain name, but it is advisable that the registrant has an association with nature or the environment.

What kind of web content is suitable for a .natura website?

The .natura domain name is perfect for promoting environmental projects and initiatives, as well as nature-themed websites in general.

Any website that wishes to promote awareness of and support for environmental causes will find a home in the .natura domain!

What are the advantages?

Advantages of registering your organization's website under the new .natura top-level domain name include:

- A memorable and easily accessible web presence for your environmental project or organization

- An excellent way to promote your work and raise awareness of environmental issues

- The perfect domain name for websites with a natural or environmental theme

- The potential to significantly increase online visibility for your project or organization amongst key audiences

- The ability to associate your website with a domain name that is closely associated with environmentalism and nature

- Improved brand recognition and awareness for your environmental project or organization

- The .natura top-level domain name is exclusively for non-commercial entities working in the environmental sector - so you can be assured that your website will stand out from the crowd!

Are there any other TLDs that might be suitable for my organization's website?

There is a range of other top-level domain names that could be suitable for organizations working in the environmental field. Some examples include:

- .eco (covers a wide range of environmental topics)

- .earth (dedicated to promoting sustainability)

- .green (focuses on sustainable living)

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, there are a few restrictions to bear in mind when registering a .natura domain name:

- The domain must be related to nature or the environment

- The registrant must be a non-commercial entity working in the environmental sector

- The domain must be used for bona fide environmental purposes only

Who cannot register a .natura domain name?

The following types of entities are ineligible to register a .natura domain name:

- Governmental organizations or bodies

- For-profit businesses

- Political parties or groups

- Individuals

- For-profit organizations

- Government agencies

How can I make use of my new .natura domain name?

We have complete flexibility in how you choose to employ your new .natura domain name.

For example, your domain name could host an online magazine showcasing the latest environmental news or it could be used to house a blog written by several members of your organization.

Alternatively, you may wish to use the .natura domain name in support of your existing website - for instance, by adding "www." to the beginning of your existing URL.