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.NI refers to the official domain extension or the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Nicaragua. It is a primary ccTLD and is restricted to legal companies. A valid business license issued from the country where the company is operating is necessary to complete the registration process. On the other hand, secondary ccTLDs such as .web.ni or .co.ni are unrestricted. Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (Nicaragua) carries out the registry of this domain extension.

Aside from Nicaragua, NI is also used to define other things. It is a symbol for the chemical element Nickel. NI is also an acronym for Northern Ireland. Although not popular, NI also stands for noted item (military), or net import (commerce).

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Entities connected with Nicaragua

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What name can I register with the .ni domain?

An Internet domain name, or "web address" is the series of numbers that you see after "http://" on a web page. It's also known as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

If you've ever typed anything like "google.com", "facebook.com", or even "nicaragua.ni" into the address box in your web browser, you've already used a domain name.

A domain name can be one of three things:

a) Personal (a person's last and first name)

b) Business (the business' brand or product)

c) Organization (an organization such as a school or non-profit)

You could own any of these types in the .ni top-level domain. So you could create "johnsmith.ni" to put on your business card, "websitehostingcompany.ni" for your website hosting company, or even "facebook.ni" which will direct people over to the Facebook page.

What are the benefits of registering a .ni domain?

Besides creating your own personal namespace, having your own .ni will allow you to be taken more seriously by your customers and visitors because of the trust that comes with managing your website.

It also allows them to contact you directly via email (instead of using an @gmail or @yahoo address).

Other reasons for registering a .ni domain:

- You can set your own name servers after you register. This is useful if your IP changes regularly, and you want to update the entry in the DNS instead of deleting it and losing all of your traffic histories.

- You can create up to 100 email addresses under your domain name (i.e.: [email protected]) and forward them to your personal email account or any other email address.

- Your website will show up in the .ni zone, giving you credibility as a local company with a national presence. In addition, you can manage your domain's DNS records from one place via our user-friendly control panel.

Why you should register as .ni domain?

You want to buy a domain name, but you're not sure which one is right for your business.

.ni domains are the perfect solution because they offer more than just a memorable web address. They also provide an opportunity to promote your country's culture and heritage on the global stage.

.ni is the right choice if you are looking for a domain that reflects or represents your Nicaraguan business, product, organization, or yourself.

It's also the right choice for companies that are looking to emphasize their presence in Nicaragua while attracting more Nicaraguan customers.

Who should register a .ni domain?

Any person or business with ties to Nicaragua can register, but there are some exceptions listed in our Terms of Service Agreement. The following are examples of people/businesses who could benefit from having a .ni domain name:

- Any person or business with ties to Nicaragua.

- Individuals and companies looking for an alternative to their current domains (and who don't mind the required match)

- Individuals and companies that want their website to be taken more seriously by customers and visitors, as well as search engines like Google.

- Nicaraguans live outside of Nicaragua for reasons such as study or work.

- Nicaraguans who are looking to create a personal website, blog, or online presence that is easily accessible by their family and friends.