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What Is a .nr Domain Name?

A .nr domain name is the official country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Nauru, registration takes place via accredited registrars.

Who can use a .nr domain name?

Anyone can use .nr domain names. This includes companies, organizations, and individuals located in Nauru or abroad. Any entity looking to use the .nr domain name will need to be accredited by the National Computer Center.

Who regulates .nr domain name?

The Nauru Network Information Centre (NNIC) is responsible for all matters related to the registration of a .nr domain name. The center assists users in obtaining their own .nr domains as well as working with foreign applicants.

However, CenpacNet is the main registry of .nr domain names. This is a state-owned company mandated by the government of Nauru to control and determine "all matters related to the registration of a .nr domain names".

Tips to choose ideal .nr Domain Name

Getting a good .nr domain name means you will be recognized as a serious business. To do this, start by picking something catchy and easy to remember. Words with two or more syllables are preferred over single-syllable names, but not essential. Remember:

- The shorter, the better.

- Pick a name that communicates your website's purpose effectively.

- Be as descriptive as you can if you are a business. Be more creative if you are a brand or an artist.

- It is best to use the .nr domain extension at the end of your chosen term

Common subdomains for .nr domain name:

The common subdomains for .nr domain include:

.org.nr - This is often associated with non-profit organizations

.net.nr - This is the most popular .nr domain name extension

.gov.nr - Nauru Government websites are registered under this category

.edu.nr - The .nr domain extension is used by educational institutes

.biz.nr - Businesses use the .nr domain name to advertise their services and products

.info.nr - This is a general-purpose .nr domain name that can be used by any business or organization

Can you register .nr Domain without local presence?

The .nr domain name cannot be registered without proving the company's physical presence in Nauru. The list of documents required to prove local presence includes:

- Articles of incorporation

- Company letterhead

- Certificate of incumbency for managers or board members

- Copy of national passport or birth certificate including ID number/reference number

- Current passport/visa for individuals or a business license, certificate of incorporation or memorandum and articles of association as well as ID number/reference number for companies

How much does .nr Domain Name cost?

The .nr domain registration fee is $45 per year. The fee payment must be made via credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or via PayPal.

How do I register a .nr Domain Name?

1. Find out if your preferred name is available by searching on the .nr website, CenpacNet

2. ENSURE that your chosen name is available - if it is taken you will need to pick a new name

3. When your chosen .nr domain name is available, click on "Register Now" button.

4. You will be requested to complete the registration form and supply some business details as well as agree to the terms and conditions of registering a .nr domain name.

5. After you have submitted your .nr domain name registration form, it will be reviewed by CenpacNet to make sure that the chosen name is available and there are no conflicting names in use

6. Once your review of details has been finished, if all of the information matches with what is on file you will receive an email confirming successful registration of your .nr domain name

7. Your .nr domain will now be available for use

8. You can begin using your new .nr domain as soon as you receive the confirmation email from CenpacNet (this may take up to an hour)