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Netowl, Inc. 255 19.75%
Interlink Co., Ltd. 225 17.43%
Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. 70 5.42%
MarkMonitor Inc. 51 3.95%
CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. 42 3.25%
1API GmbH 41 3.18%
Nom-iq Ltd. dba COM LAUDE 29 2.25%
NameCheap, Inc. 24 1.86%
Gandi SAS 18 1.39%
101domain GRS Limited 14 1.08%

.osaka Domain Name

The .osaka domain name is a geographical domain, and it helps to organize websites under a particular geographical name. The .osaka domain name is the new gTLD (generic top-level domain) for Osaka Prefecture in Japan.

Who can use a .osaka domain name?

Only entities that have a presence in Osaka Prefecture can register a .osaka domain name. This includes businesses, individuals, and organizations. However, priority will be given to those individuals and organizations who have a physical location in Osaka Prefecture.

Tips to choose ideal .osaka Domain Name:

1. Use your business name as your domain name for searchability convenience since customers or visitors can easily find you.

2. Choose a memorable .osaka domain name that is easy to spell and type.

3. Keep it short and simple – the longer the domain name, the more difficult it is to remember.

4. Avoid using numbers or special characters in your domain name as these can be confusing.

Why choose a .osaka domain name?

There are many reasons why you should consider registering a .osaka domain name for your business.

1. The .osaka domain is a unique and exclusive domain name that is not available in other domain extensions.

2. It can help to improve your website's search engine ranking as Osaka Prefecture is a well-known region in Japan.

3. A .osaka domain name is the perfect way to show your support for Osaka Prefecture and its local businesses.

4. It can help to increase brand awareness and create a stronger connection with your customers or visitors who are from Osaka Prefecture.

What's the Difference Between .com. and .osaka?

The main difference between a .com. and .osaka domain name is that a .com. domain name is generic and can be used by any business or individual, while a .osaka domain name is reserved for those who have a presence in Osaka Prefecture.

Are there any restrictions when registering .osaka domain name?

Yes, there are some restrictions when registering a .osaka domain name.

1. You can't register a .osaka domain name that is identical or contains another person's trademark.

2. It's not possible to edit the contact information for a .osaka domain, and you must submit proof of all contact information before registration will be completed.

3. You can only use a .osaka domain name for websites that are related to Osaka Prefecture.

Is it possible to transfer my current website from another domain name extension to .osaka?

Yes, you can transfer your website from another domain extension to a .osaka domain name. However, the process can be a little complicated and you'll need to contact your web hosting company for assistance.

What Documents Do You Need to Register .osaka Domain Name?

In order to register a .osaka domain name, you'll need the following documents:

1. Proof of Osaka Prefecture residency or business registration.

2. The contact information for the administrative and technical contact for the domain name.

3. The registered trademark information, if applicable.

4. Your Osaka Prefecture contact information in the following format: physical address, email address and telephone number.

5. A copy of your business card or company documentation for verification purposes.