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What is the .philips domain name?

The .philips domain name is a suffix used to easily identify a party’s affiliation with the Philips brand. It's open for use by anyone without registration, meaning it can be included in any web address or social media user name.

Users can include it at the end of their existing website addresses and on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

Philips has been using its own domain names for more than 20 years now.

As the World Wide Web evolved from text-based to more visual content-rich websites, Philips realized that there was also a need for short and easy-to-remember web addresses to better match this evolution: differentiating itself from traditional URL extensions such as .com, .org, and .net which were all connected with technology companies.

Reasons why .philips is a promising and suitable suffix for Philips?

With the .philips domain name, users can now create an identity that's easier to share and connect with. Philips also wants to encourage the use of this unique suffix by other parties as well.

To make it easy for anyone to use, both registered and unregistered .philips domains are supported. In addition, several extensions such as the popular social media sites (.facebook, .twitter, etc.) or web services (.blog) are included in the list of available namespaces.

The .philips domain is open for anyone, with no registration restrictions.

Registered and unregistered .philips domains can be used right away.

This means that Philips' existing .com and .net extensions will remain the way to go for business partners and others who already have a strong presence on these extensions.

In conclusion, the .philips domain name is a new suffix that Philips has launched to make it easier for people to connect with the brand. It's open for use by anyone without registration, and registered and unregistered domains can be used right away. This makes it a promising and suitable suffix for Philips.

Who cannot use a .philips domain name?

Philips will continue to use its own company registration, which is used by all of Philips business divisions. This allows us to guarantee a secure and consistent presence for our business partners.

Although the .philips domain name is open for anyone without restriction or pre-registration, some extension names may have restrictions from year to year.

In every case, the trademarks team of Philips is available as a first point of contact should you run into problems regarding certain domains or trademark issues on any new extensions that are added at a later stage.

What is the common second-level .philips domain name?

Many companies and organizations will want to use their brand name as part of the web address: www.philips.example.com.

This leads to an issue that we call "name collision". There is a high chance that someone else registered this domain for themselves already, which means you can't use it anymore.

To avoid such issues, your best bet is to register a short and memorable suffix such as .example or .company as a second-level domain (SLD).

The second level will always be connected to your first level domain, so in the example above using the SLD 'company', it would be www.philipscompany.example.com and not www.example.com/philips - which may also be taken.

The most common second-level .philips domain name are: