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.PY represents the official domain extension or internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Paraguay. Registration for this domain suffix is strict and all requirements must be met. It is also only available to companies (.COM.PY) and educational institutions (.EDU.PY). NIC Paraguay is the authorized body that carries out the administration and registry of .PY.

PY also stands for other things. It is a shortened spelling for python (file format) and polygon (shape), or a symbol for Pyridine (chemistry). PY is also the acronym for physical year, patrol vessel, payroll accounting, promotion year, planning yard, and many other meanings. However, the most accepted usage of PY is the two-letter country code for Paraguay.

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Entities connected with Paraguay

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.py Domain Name

A .py domain name is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Paraguay.

The .py extension comes from the word "Python," which is a snake species found in South America where it is also the name of an interpreted high-level programming language.

Who can use a .py domain name?

Anyone can register and use .py domain names. The same rules apply as for other gTLDs such as .com or .net, so if you have a trademark, you should ensure it isn't infringing on someone else's rights before embarking on a web project.

However, you must be affiliated with Paraguay in some way to register one of these names. Generally, the criteria for this affiliation is having a local address or phone number, but there are some exceptions for foreign businesses that want to establish themselves as part of the Paraguayan economy.

Who regulates .py Domain Name?

The .py domain name extension is managed by the National Computing Center (NCC) of Paraguay, which is - according to its website - also responsible for trademark registration.

Tips to choose ideal .py Domain Name:

If you are planning to develop a project around your .py domain name, it can help to think about what sort of service or product the site will offer. Will it be an eCommerce store for selling products? Or does it serve as the online home of your business, complete with all of its contact information?

These factors can help determine what kind of extension is best suited to your site. For example, an eCommerce site would do better with a .com or .net domain name than one that focused on tutorials and other informative content.

Common Subdomains for .py Domain

Some common subdomains for .py domain names are:

.org.py - The generic top-level domain (gTLD) for non-profit organizations.

.edu.py - Reserved for Paraguayan institutions of higher education and research institutions, according to the NCC's website.

.gov.py - Reserved for the office of public information, according to the NCC's website.

.net.py - Reserved for networks and common carriers, according to the NCC's website.

Can you register .py Domain Without Local Presence?

Yes, but there are some conditions that must be met before you do so.

The NCC lists six requirements for non-Paraguayan individuals or corporations to register a .py domain name:

1. The applicant must have a legal representative in Paraguay who is responsible for all correspondence with the NCC concerning the .py registration.

2. The information included in the application must match that on file in Paraguay.

3. The applicant must prove they are affiliated with the country in some way, according to the NCC's website.

4. The applicant must prove to the NCC they are using the name for its stated purpose.

5. The applicant must supply proof of "intent to use" (ITU) the domain name, under the requirements set forth by ICANN.

6. The applicant must provide a local address and phone number in Paraguay or one that is located in another country that complies with the NCC's requirements.

How Much Does .py Domain Name Cost?

The cost of a .py domain name is set by the NCC. Many top-level domains are considered premium names, meaning they cost more to maintain than standard domains, but often have restrictions on who can register them.

According to the NCC's website, .py domain registration costs 36,000 Guarani (approx. US$8) per year, plus a 21,000 Guarani (approx. US$5) one-time fee for the first year of registration.