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What is a .shaw domain?

.shaw will be an open and unrestricted registry allowing registrants to choose their desired second-level domains (SLDs). For example, john-smith.shaw or maryjones.shaw could be used as a web address without restrictions on who can register it.

A .shaw domain will give you a recognized web identity within a vibrant community of users and businesses going online with .shaw names – making them ideal for businesses looking to attract customers from across Canada or Canadian organizations promoting their goods or services abroad.

It also makes this gTLD attractive to local residents outside of Canada who want a more recognizable web address ending in .shaw.

How do I register a .shaw domain name?

You can pre-register your desired .shaw domain name now at www.shawdomain.ca. You will need to provide the following information:

- The domain name you wish to register

- Your contact information (name, email, phone)

- Your country of residence and citizenship

Why choose the .shaw domain name?

Domains can be registered at both second and third levels, making this TLD an ideal option for personal sites, small businesses, or even large corporations looking to expand their presence on the Internet. The .shaw TLD offers benefits such as:

•First come first served registration – There is no preferential registration for certain types of users, so anyone can register a domain name as long as it is available

•Unrestricted use – Registrants are not limited in the type of website they can host; any legal content is allowed

•International recognition – A .shaw domain name will identify your site as being Canadian, increasing its credibility and search engine ranking when users from around the world search for Canadian content

•No requirements to prove trademark or any other affiliation with your company

•Simple window shopping interface where you can look up available .shaw domains

What are the benefits of registering a .shaw domain name?

There are several benefits of registering a .shaw domain name, including:

1. Increased visibility and credibility for your business or website in Canada.

2. Easy to remember address for your website or business in Canada.

3. Protection against trademark infringement.

4. Quick and easy access to your website from a home computer.

5. Speedy transfers between registrar companies when you switch services.

6. Flexibility in choosing who manages your domain name for you or having full control of yourself via a user-friendly DNS web interface.

Who uses the .shaw domain?

There are a limited number of .shaw domain names available, so not everyone can register one. The lucky few who have registered a .shaw domain name are typically businesses and organizations in the Shaw Communications Inc. service area.

The .shaw domain name is perfect for any Canadian-based business or individual looking to create a web presence. This TLD is also ideal for businesses and individuals located outside of Canada who want a more recognizable web address ending in .shaw.

The .shaw domain name offers international recognition and credibility, making it the perfect choice for any business or individual looking to expand their online presence.

Why use a .shaw domain name?

If you're targeting customers in the Shaw Communications Inc. service area, using a .shaw domain is a great way to show that you're part of the community and connected with local businesses.

It's also an excellent way to improve your search engine ranking, as Google favors websites with local domain names.