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.Sina Domain Name

The .sina domain name is a new generic top-level domain name under the famous Chinese company "Sina." Sina is a Chinese technology company that runs four major and Important businesses.

These businesses are Sinanet, Sina mobile, Sina weibo, Sina online. Due to around 100 million registrations worldwide, the Sina company introduced the domain to get everyone in one place. This domain is called the .sina domain name.

What Are The Goals Of The .Sina Domain Name?

The .sina domain name belongs to the Telecom, IT, and manufacturing industry. The .sina domain name provides accessibility to the websites, portals, mobiles, and mobile networks. In simple words, the .sina domain name actively provides internet services to the people of China all around the world.

The .sina domain name provides access to the Chinese channels and localized websites. These channels include sports, news, finance, technology information, advertising services, fashion, entertainment, travel, etc. That is why the .sina domain name is a multiple services provider.

What Are The Restrictions For Registration In The .Sina Domain Name?

The .sina domain name is for the Chinese people who live worldwide. Companies and individuals who are affiliated with the Sina industry in one way or another can register themselves for the .sina domain name. It is a domain for the people of China and everyone related to the Sina Company.

What Is The Registration Fee For The .Sina Domain Name?

When registering with great companies worldwide, you need to follow the rules and instructions. The registration price for the .sina domain name starts at $20.99 annually. The registration period is between 1 to 10 years.

What Is The Renewal Process Of The .Sina Domain Name?

If your name registration is coming to expiration, you need to renew it. By renewing your .sina domain name, you will continue using the services. On the other side, if you want to renew your name after the registration, you have to wait for the first 60 days to complete. After that, you can get a new name of your choice for just $19.88 annually.

What Are The Offers Of The Transfer Process Of The .Sina Domain Name?

Most of the time, people want to transfer there. Sina domain name to other websites. Transferring the . Sina domain name has never been a problem. The transfer process is way easy and quick. If you want to transfer your .sina domain name, go straight to the website you registered from. Follow the instructions for transfer. The transfer process will cost you $19.99 annually.

What Characters Are Used In The Registration For The .Sina Domain Name?

  • Use characters from 3-63.
  • Use English alphabets from a-z.
  • Add numbers from 0-9.

What Are The Advantages Of Registration In The .Sina Domain Name?

  • If you are affiliated with the Sina company, everyone can know your products and services.
  • The .sina domain name makes sure that the customers get the best services.
  • The .sina domain name provides multiple services at one time.
  • The .Sina domain is an online platform that provides security and assurance for online products.