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.SL represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Sierra Leone. This ccTLD was introduced in 1997 and was intended for entities with connection to Sierra Leone. AFCOM SL is the authorized agency for carrying out .SL registry. Marcaria.com is a trusted registrar where interested entities may submit their application for .SL domains.

SL also stands for: sold, sea level, so late, so long, Sri Lanka, sign language, second life, sliding, student loan, shelf life, service level, skylight, stage left, system load, scan line, signal link, sound locator, street legal, and many more.

Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .SL domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Sierra Leone

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Registration Price

$78.00 Annually

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What do you mean by .sl domain name?

.sl domain name is a new extension for Sierra Leone.

.sl domains are the perfect way to show your love for your country or organization. You can also use them to promote your business in Sierra Leone, or just as an easy way to share information about what you do with people all around the world.

What name can I register?

It is possible to register country-specific terms which are not reserved words (like com.sl).

Every person or company that is connected to Sierra Leone has the right to apply for a .sl domain name.

In registering a .sl Domain Name, you have to fulfill the following conditions:

- You must show proof of connection with SL; e.g. copy of a business license, passport, etc.

- You must fulfill the technical requirements for the domain name; i.e. you have to show that you can make a website using your domain name.

The .sl domain is open to all those individuals or organizations who have some connection with Sierra Leone, whether the applicant lives in the country, has been there on a holiday, associates themselves with its culture and heritage, or is an organization that operates from outside of the country but still wants to be associated as being from Sierra Leone.

Choosing a Domain:

The domain name you choose must be:

- Available and not already registered; you can check this using the registrar's search tool

- Appropriate; e.g. it cannot be an obscene or defamatory name, one that infringes on another trademark, etc. (the registrar will guide what is acceptable)

- The one you want to register.

What are the Registration rules?

You can apply for a .sl domain name through the Registry Provider.

Your application will be handled by one of AFCOM's accredited Registrars. The registrar will provide you with all the information that you need to complete your application, including assistance if problems are completing your registration.

The following must be provided by the applicant during the registration process:

- Your full name and postal address; e.g. the billing contact for your company/organization

- The domain you wish to register, along with any other details required by the registrar or registry to complete the registration (Note that names within .sl are not case sensitive)

You can register .sl domain names in any of the following 3rd level domains:

  • .co.sl
  • .org.sl
  • .gov.sl
  • .edu.sl

Can you register .sl Domain Without Local Presence?

Yes, you can register .sl domain names without a local presence in Sierra Leone. Any individual or legal entity who wants to register a .sl domain name will be able to do so by providing proof of connection with SL.

By the rules of the registry, it is possible to register a .sl domain name even if you do not have a local presence.

However, you will first need to prove that you have the right to use the domain name that you intend to register and that its purpose relates to your activity or business.

You can give this proof by showing that you are the intellectual owner of the domain name.

The registry provider can provide you with more detailed information on this.