Expired .SN Domains


.SN represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Senegal. The ccTLD was introduced in 1993 and was intended for entities that are connected with the territories of Senegal. NIC Senegal is the authorized agency for carrying its registry while Marcaria.com is an accredited registrar where .SN domain applications are processed.

SN also stands for: screen name, Super Nintendo, super nice, side note, soon, supernatural, stock number, standard number, Science News, staff nurse, Sierra Nevada, super nova, snow, sending nation, sequence number, social network, subscription number, semantic network, server node, and many more.

Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .SN domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Senegal

.SN Registry Information

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Whois Server


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Registration Price

$146.00 Annually

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.SN Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
OVH sas 1,175 13.52%
CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. 203 2.34%
MarkMonitor Inc. 114 1.31%
101domain GRS Limited 107 1.23%
Marcaria.com International, Inc. 50 0.58%
Nameshield SAS 42 0.48%
Key-Systems GmbH 28 0.32%
PlanetHoster Inc. 25 0.29%
Register SPA 13 0.15%
NameWeb BVBA 10 0.12%

What is the registration procedure of the .sn domain?

Registrants put a request for a domain name ending in "sn" through their usual registrars.

There are no requirements as to who can register, but there is a requirement that the registrant must have a presence in Senegal, and it is recommended that they have a local contact.

Second-level domains: Registrant must register a.co.sn, b.co.sn, etc., for each line of business; an unlimited number of names is permitted (this is not true, you can only get 2 second-level domains and one third-level domain).

What is the procedure for registering a second-level domain?

The requirement is the registrant must have a presence in Senegal, and that the registrant has a local contact.

Third-level domains: Registrants can go directly to the third level with unregistered .sn names ("co.sn").

What is required for registering a .sn domain?

Registrants must have a local presence and/or local contact, but no proof of their own mailing address is required.

Applicants may be subject to background checks. Domain name applicants must submit a letter of introduction on company letterhead detailing the technical and administrative contacts.

There is no requirement for the notarization of this letter.

Applicants must provide a scanned copy of their passport or national ID card, and a Senegalese phone number or postal address (no office address needed).

Applicants must also submit a photocopy of the official registration of the company, association, or organization to which they belong.

There is no requirement of notarization of any document submitted when applying for a domain name (this is also not true, you need two documents notarized).

What is the process for transferring a .sn domain?

To transfer an existing .sn domain name registration, the new registrant must submit all paperwork required to register a new .sn domain name.

If the old and new registrants are affiliated by common ownership, written authorization from the current registrant allowing the transfer is required.

After expiry, .sn domain name registrations can no longer be transferred. Instead, the domain name will enter the deletion process and shortly afterward become available for new registration.

The registry deletes all pending delete requests after 1 week and puts the domain name up for auction 72 hours later (this is not true).

What is the domain renewal procedure for a .sn domain?

The registration period lasts 2 years.

Registrants can renew their .sn domain name registrations using either of two processes:

1. The registrant can log into their web account. If the domain name is not locked, the website will ask if they want to renew it.

2. The registrant sends a request through their registrar's online interface, who submits the request for renewal on behalf of the registrant.

If no action is taken by the registrant, the .sn domain name will be automatically renewed one week prior to the end of the registration period.

Expiry of registration: .sn domain name registrations expire after 1 year(s). The actual registration period may be shorter due to a possible overlap with the previous registration period.

Transfer after expiry: Registrations that have expired can no longer be transferred, they can only be deleted and made available for re-registration.