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.softbank domain name

.softbank is a top-level domain (TLD) that represents the brand of SoftBank, a Japanese telecommunications and internet corporation that started as a software and telecom company. .softbank used to be for individuals and businesses who would like to communicate with SoftBank Group Corporation. Nowadays it has grown to become one of the most popular domain names used in Japan and worldwide.

Who can use a .softbank domain name?

Anyone who has SoftBank Japan can register .softbank domain names, including individuals and businesses.

How the .softbank domain name can help you?

By choosing a domain name that represents your brand or business in Japan, it will help drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales. A .softbank domain name will also make your business look more professional and trustworthy. You can then build your reputation as a market leader by registering those domains.

Tips to choose ideal .softbank Domain Name:

A good .softbank domain name must be memorable and relevant. If the domain name is something people won't easily remember or understand, they'll go somewhere else instead of wasting their time trying to search for your website. Besides being relevant to your brand, the .softbank domain name must also be easy to remember so it'll stick in people's mind.

Include your keywords and phrases to ensure that the search engines pick up the domain name. If you're a florist, for example, you can choose something like 'bestflowers.softbank' or 'bestfloristinjapan.softbank'. If you currently own a website at www.example.com, you can add '.softbank' at the end of that website's name.

Is it possible to transfer my current website from another domain name extension to .softbank ?

Yes, you can. If you're planning on doing a domain transfer, there are specific steps you need to follow below:

- Send out emails from your official email address and let the administrator of the current domain name know that you're planning to switch over. They might ask for a few details and inform you if there will be any problems doing the transfer.

- Check with your registrar about transferring domain names between different registrars simultaneously, or else you'll need to wait until your current registration expires before you can successfully transfer it to another registrar.

- When you receive an email from the current domain name's registrar, that means they've approved your request and you can now move on to the next step.

- Put in a transfer authorisation code (TCN) at your current registrar after inputting their nameservers. This will automatically start the transfer process to the new registrar.

- Do a quick DNS check and make sure that all your settings are correct – this will prevent any downtime from happening after the transfer.

What Documents Do You Need to Register .softbank Domain Name?

To register or transfer .softbank domain names, you need to submit the following:

- Your business card or company profile

- A certificate of incorporation or partnership documents (if you don't have a registered corporation, you must submit your personal papers as well)

- Registration/Transfer fee: 5,400 JPY for the first two years and 9,900 JPY every two years after. To register .softbank domain names with the same registrant, there's no fee required.

- If you're registering/transferring more than 5 domains at once, choose 'Domains with common interest' to qualify for a discount of 30% off each additional .softbank domain name.

Is it possible to register .softbank domain names without having a business/company profile in Japan?

Yes, you can register .softbank domain names without a business/company profile in Japan. But make sure the registrant's name and contact information (address and phone number) match your company or business.