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There is no special process needed to register a .SR domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

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Entities connected with Suriname

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$115.00 Annually

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What does the .sr domain mean?

sr is the Internet country code top-level domain for Suriname. This top-level domain is operated by Telesur, the local telecom company. The domain was not one of the original domains for countries assigned, so it was created as an alternative to .nl (Netherlands Antilles).

sr is funded by Telesur and it is overseen by SURENA. The domain name was taken from Sweden's international abbreviation, Sverige. It was released into use in 1997.

With .sr domain names, you'll have access to local content that's relevant and easy-to-navigate for people living in Suriname. This top-level domain is operated by Telesur, the local telecom company.

Why should I choose .sr?

Suriname is a growing country and domain names with the .sr-TLD will give you an advantage in getting noticed by local Surinamese. Registering your .sr domain name may allow you to reach Surinamese users and grow your market share.

• Your domain name will be more easily remembered by Surinamese users

• Listing your site on Google will be easier with a local .sr address

• Your site visitors may be more inclined to return if they have a locally relevant URL

• A .sr domain name will put you close to your target market.

• A .sr domain name is easy to remember.

• You can use your own language to communicate with your visitors.

• Your site will be listed higher on the Google search page when people are searching for locally relevant keywords in Suriname.

What is the difference between .com.sr and .sr?

There are two different domains that you can choose from when registering a .sr domain. Your choice will depend on your intended use for the domain.

A .com.sr domain name is for commercial websites that want to promote their business in Suriname or internationally, while a .sr domain name is meant for local websites.

The .com follows a general naming convention for commercial sites using an open suffix, while .sr is designated specifically for Suriname entities or persons with special links to the country.

The use of this domain extension is not required by any regulation other than by the registry.

Why not choose the .com domain name?

The Surinamese population generally does not recognize .com as a ‘local’ extension. Local extensions for popular countries like those in Europe and the rest of South America are either already saturated or very expensive to purchase at this time.

This leaves you with an abundance of domain names available for purchase and at a reasonable price.

What is required to register a .sr domain name?

These are requirements to register a .sr domain name:

You need to be based in Serbia.

You need to have the administrative contact in Serbia, which has the Serbian ID number. The administrative contact's e-mail must be registered before specifying it as the primary domain contact for your .sr domain name registration.

It is not required to live in Serbia or be based in Serbia for you to register a .sr domain name.

If your company is located outside of Serbia, but the administrative contact has the Serbian ID number and resides in Serbia, then you can proceed with registering your .sr domain name.

In order to be eligible for a .sr domain name, you must have a contact in Suriname or demonstrate a substantial connection to the country.

In most cases, this will mean that your business should be registered in Suriname or that your clientele is located in Suriname.

A local presence in Suriname is required, e.g. company registration number. Correspondence address, official working telephone number, and company email are required to register a .sr domain.

There are no restrictions on who can register a .sr domain name. However, registration requests of local Surinamese persons or businesses will take priority over foreign applicants.