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Who can own a .ss domain name?

A .ss domain name can be owned by anyone. To own a .ss domain name, the registrant is required to be over the age of 18 and reside in South Sudan.

If you are not 18 or residing in South Sudan, you will need to supply authorization documents verifying your eligibility to register the domain name.

Only local people, companies, and organizations can own a .ss domain name.

A .ss domain name can be owned by any person or entity from the world with a presence in South Sudan.

Anyone can register a .ss domain name, which is open to everyone in the world except companies or individuals connected with South Sudan. There are no restrictions on who can own a .SS domain name.

How can I register a .ss domain name?

The registration process for registering a .ss domain name is quite easy.

It starts with finding an available domain name, registration fee (.ss extension) or modification request, payment with PayPal or by bank transfer, and then completing the online registration form making sure that your current SST member status is verified to register the domain name.

The time it takes for your registration request to go live can depend on the availability of the requested domain name with the .ss extension.

What are the registration restrictions for a .ss domain name?

A .ss domain name can be registered, but there are restrictions.

The registration restrictions for a .ss domain name are as follows:

1. The domain name must contain at least one letter and one digit.

2. The domain name cannot be in use by another registrant.

3. All domains must comply with the policies of the registry.

Failure to comply with these restrictions could result in the suspension of the domain name.

Why choose a .ss domain name?

A .ss domain name is the most suitable web address for an individual, company, or organization with a presence in South Sudan.

As a result of this, .ss domains can be used to show your connection with South Sudan and your online target audience.

The best thing about a .SS domain name is that it allows you to make a direct connection with South Sudan and its culture, as well as put a focus on the identity of local people.

People from different parts of the world can find it difficult to pronounce names in English or other non-native languages, so a .ss domain name is more user-friendly.

As a result of this, a .SS domain enables individuals to connect with South Sudan and its culture easier.

It's easier to remember than .com, .net, .org... Since it starts with an "s" which is the first letter of country or region names.

What is a second-level domain name?

It's the part that follows the .ss (.com/net/org/info)

You can buy your own or someone else's. The owner of example.ss will be able to use his domain name everywhere in the world, without paying an extra fee. Some .ss are already registered by foreign companies.

The owner of example.com can't do so, since his domain is limited to countries using the Latin Alphabet (.com)

Who controls the .ss domain names?

The person who obtained the domain name (.com/net/org) controls it.

If he doesn't renew it, someone else will be able to buy it after a while.

With .ss, you own your domain name forever. It's just like owning a phone number for life that people can dial all over the world.