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.star domain name

.star domain name is a new top-level domain name (TLD) designed for organizations and individuals with the aim of providing them an exclusive identity on the internet. The domain name can be utilized by entertainment sites, web hosting companies or any individual person who wants to have a custom-made web identity.

If you are looking for a unique internet address for your website or email, then it is time to consider .star domain name first. It is the new gTLD (Generic top-level domain) TLD of choice for all those looking forward towards making their web identity more exclusive and unique.

Who can use a .star domain name?

.star domain name can be used by the following types of entities:

* Entertainment sites.

* Web hosting companies.

* Individual Researchers, professionals or students looking forward towards making their mark on the web with unique custom-made web address.

Is it possible to transfer my current website from another domain name extension to .star ?

If you are looking forward towards shifting your existing website from one of the popular domain extensions such as com, net or org then it is possible. Just make sure that your domain name extension matches the type of company or organization you are representing. You can easily get in touch with your customer support team to transfer your website to .star domain name.

What Documents Do You Need to Register .star Domain Name?

The requirements for applying for a .star domain name are as follows:

1. An authorized representative of the entity applying for .star domain name must be available on the registration form. You can either upload a scanned copy or send it through email.

2. A document proving your ownership over the website you are applying for .star domain name must also be submitted along with the application form.

3. A document establishing the existence of your business or organization is also needed along with an authorization letter for applying for .star domain name.

How much does a .star Domain Name cost?

The cost of buying a .star domain name starts from $30 per year and it depends on the registrar you are planning to choose to register your domain name.

What's the Difference Between .com. and .star ?

The only difference is that a .com domain name represents a website belonging to a commercial organization whereas a .star domain name is more specific and is meant to be used by a company, organization or an individual person with the aim of making their web identity more unique and exclusive.

Tips to choose an ideal .star Domain Name

A good .star domain name should be easy to remember for its targeted audience. It can be easily found in search engines when they are specifically searching for it.

Look forward to choosing a .star domain name that is not already being used by someone else in the market. If you fail to do so, your application will likely get rejected.

Keywords play a significant role in deciding the success of your .star domain name. It should be relevant to your industry or subject matter, so that it becomes easier for users to find you on search engines.

Ensure that your .star domain name does not violate any of the guidelines provided by the internet governing body.