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There is no special process needed to register a .STYLE domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

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$31.00 Annually

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.STYLE Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
GMO Internet, Inc. d/b/a Onamae.com 2,929 12.58%
GoDaddy.com, LLC 2,697 11.58%
NameCheap, Inc. 1,461 6.27%
Google LLC 835 3.59%
Tucows Domains Inc. 576 2.47%
Name.com, Inc. 378 1.62%
Automattic Inc. 300 1.29%
Porkbun LLC 278 1.19%
Sav.com, LLC 274 1.18%
Key-Systems, LLC 270 1.16%

.STYLE Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
metaverselife.style $31.00 2021-12-20 Sav.com
av101.style $29.00 2021-11-19 Dynadot
metaverseinte.style $1.00 2021-11-06 Sav.com
store.style $155.00 2021-10-31 Sav.com
24.style $71.00 2021-10-27 Sav.com
photo.style $110.00 2021-10-10 Dynadot
music.style $97.00 2021-10-01 Dynadot
the.style $312.00 2020-06-22 Dynadot
dr.style $255.00 2019-03-30 Dynadot
food.style $3,000.00 2018-08-07 Sedo

What is the .style domain name?

.style is a new top-level domain (TLD) designed to provide individuals with distinct names for their style or fashion blog, personal portfolio, social media account, online shop, etc.

.style offers an easy way to convey your own personal style without having to remember multiple site addresses, making it easier than ever for you to reach your audience and share your stories online!

Who can register the .style domain name?

Any individual, business, or organization can register a .style domain name.

The registration of a .style domain name is available for everyone.

Anyone can register the .style domain name. There are no restrictions on who can register a .style domain name.

What are some of the benefits of registering a .style domain name?

.style domain names provide many benefits for those looking to share their style, fashion tips, and personality with a new audience.

The first benefit of a .style TLD is that it provides an easy way to identify your online presence as being related to "style" or "fashion" without having to remember multiple site addresses.

In addition, you can easily access your web content from any location as all .style domain names are Web addressable.

Some benefits of registering a .style domain name include:

- The ability to create a unique and recognizable online presence for your brand or personal website.

- Easier identification for your target audience.

- Increased web traffic and brand awareness.

- The ability to stand out from the competition.

-A unique and easily-remembered web address to help promote your style or fashion blog, personal portfolio, social media account, online shop, etc.

-Domain name extensions that are perfect for conveying your personal brand or business identity.

-The ability to use website names that are short, memorable, and easy to spell.

What can I use a .style domain name for?

The .style domain is an open TLD, it's unrestricted which means you can register any name that isn't already taken.

Names for this TLD are intended to be used/registered by fashion bloggers, shops, apparel brands, and similar who wish to share their clothing style with the world.

A .style domain name can be used for any website or online service. It can be used for a personal website, a business website, or any other type of website or online service.

Can I use a .style domain name for my website or online service?

Yes, you can use a .style domain name for your website or online service. A .style domain name is perfect for any website or online service that wants to convey style and sophistication. It is also a great option for a website or online service that wants to convey elegance and style.

What is the difference between new gTLDs and .style domain names?

New generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) are different from .style domain names as new gTLDs can include more than one term, whereas a .style domain name only includes one term.

For example, a hotel website might use a new gTLD such as "hotels.com" rather than a .style domain name such as ".style hotels". While both of these options may contain the word "hotel", they will be found on different parts of the web, and convey very different messages to consumers.

Using a new gTLD rather than a .style domain name can help a website stand out from the competition, as it will appear in search engine results and on web browsers.