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What is the .suzuki domain name?

The .suzuki which is the new domain name dedicated to Suzuki Motor Corporation, one of Japan's leading automobile manufactures, was launched on September 19th by JPRS (Japan Registry Services), the official registry operator for the .suzuki top-level domain. Anyone can register a .suzuki domain name.

What are the benefits to registrants?

The .suzuki domain name is an excellent choice of web address for businesses, organizations, or individuals who are seeking to establish a worldwide online presence.

The new domain name will give you the immediate advantage of being easily recognizable by Suzuki Motor Corporation's vast customer base in Japan, as well as its expanded international networks and dealer chains in Asia, Europe, and North America.

There are three main benefits:

A trusted Internet identity for businesses and individuals who want to market their products or services in Japan.

An easy-to-remember domain name to establish a global presence on the Internet.

A secure namespace for companies and organizations that are looking to protect their brand name or other intellectual property rights in Japan.

New marketing opportunity for companies that would like to target people in Japan with their products or services under this new gTLD.

One easy step instead of two steps when you register your trademarks as second-level domain names under .jp.

What kinds of use cases work well with the .suzuki domain?

Since it works globally right off the bat, companies can use their .suzuki sites to promote products and services outside of Japan to its overseas audiences without having to purchase different registrars based on each country.

Sites using the .suzuki domain must be intended for global use, Suzuki Motor Corporation has confirmed.

Are there any restrictions on who can register a .suzuki domain name?

There are no restrictions on who can register a .suzuki domain name. However, all registrations are subject to JPRS' approval.

What are the guidelines for the use of the .suzuki domain name?

The following guidelines will be applied to the use of the Suzuki Motor Corporation's new gTLD:

・Only Suzuki Motor Corporation and its authorized affiliates can register second-level domain names under .suzuki.

・Domain names must be registered in Japanese character sets.

・Reserved second-level domain names include "corporation," "inc." and their equivalents in other languages, as well as variations of Suzuki's trademarks and service marks.

・Domain names must be used for bona fide activities related to Suzuki Motor Corporation or its affiliates.

・Illegal or inappropriate activities, including but not limited to cybersquatting, will not be tolerated.

What is the purpose of .suzuki?

The primary focus and use of gTLDs such as .suzuki will be for individual persons, groups, or organizations with an association with Suzuki products and services.

This includes businesses that manufacture Suzuki automobiles, motorcycles, outboard engines, and associated accessories; dealerships; repair shops; clubs; educational or training institutions; publications; websites that provide information about Suzuki products or services…and other similar uses that benefit from a unique and trusted Internet identity.

In the past, Suzuki Motor Corporation had to register their trademarks as second-level domain names under .jp in order to protect them from being registered by third parties.

The registration of second-level domain names is no longer required when you register your trademarks as second-level domain names under .suzuki using a new online trademark application system which will be launched soon on JPRS Online Trademark Application System.