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What does .sy domain mean?

Sy is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Syrian websites.

Sy is the country code top-level domain name extension that was introduced by the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment in 1987.

An official ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for Syria, SIR, has been reserved by ISO since 1973 as part of its standardization process.

But to this date it has not come into use, and .sy (with the English letter "y") continues to be used instead under IANA considerations because of compatibility issues with existing IA5 registration systems; there are some restrictions on .sy domains registered outside of Syria.

Who can use .sy Domain name?

You can register .sy domain names in the Syrian Arabic or Latin alphabet and it is open for anyone who wants to include the country name in TLD in their website URL.

Since May 2011, top-level .sy domains are being issued for free by NIC.SY to any Syrian individual or organization who can provide a scanned copy of their National I.D. card.

The Registry is the national domain name authority for Syria and it is run by Ogero, which is the only ISP authorized by the Syrian government to manage the Syrian internet.

Although Ogero is a government organization, Syria does not censor its citizens' access to the Internet and most censorship issues are dealt with by court orders.

Why should I buy a .sy domain name?

There are several reasons why you should think about registering a domain name in .sy.

First, owning one is very cheap. Second, it's convenient for your users who will recognize the TLD immediately and intuitively understand the purpose of your website.

And last but not least, it provides another way to access your website if the regular one is blocked.

Every domain extension has its own meaning and characteristics, but .sy can be used to separate politics from business, so it makes sense if you are here for the latter.

You can share your location and show your origin with the .sy domain name.

It is an anonymous registration process for Syrians who want to register a .COM name but don't know where to start.


.sy is a very easy, short, and memorable domain so it will raise your website authority by having an easy-to-spell domain name.

With .sy you can have a localized domain name that has a specific meaning to the Syrians, which means people from different regions of Syria will be able to locate you easily and quickly if they search for your business within these specific regions.

Now with NIC.SY registration of .sy domains by Syrians is free so you don't need to worry about spending money on this registration.

The websites registered in .sy are better than other international extensions because they create a sense of belonging for users who understand the meaning of this name extension.

What are the characters and valid character lengths for .sy domain names?

The minimum requirement is 3 characters for .sy domain names.

Characters allowed in .sy registrations are letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphens (-).

You can register a .sy domain name with any of the following options:

With at least 3 characters (such as example.com)

With only numbers and hyphens

No periods or other punctuation

All lowercase letters

As a brandable, which means you will be able to buy a random string of letters and numbers (1-63 characters, including hyphens -).

The following options are not allowed for .sy domain names:

A dot (.) at the end of your name

Hyphen (-) in the beginning or in the middle of your name

Unlimited number of periods (…) or other punctuation signs after your name

Special or international characters (ä, ü, é, ñ, ç etc.), they are not allowed in .sy domain names.

What is the process of registering a .sy website?

The steps include:

1- Find your name and make sure it's available for registration.

2- Ensure that you meet the .sy eligibility requirements.

3- Create your website according to technical specifications

4- Build a DNS configuration for your domain name either with an existing web hosting company or our free installation service

5- Send us your email so we can send you the confirmation email with further instructions.