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What is the .tatar domain name?

The .tatar domain name is a new top-level domain (TLD) that is specific to the Tatarian people. The TLD was created in response to the growing demand for internet addresses in the Tatar language.

Who can register a .tatar domain name?

Only individuals or organizations who are affiliated with the Tatarian people can register a .tatar domain name. This includes residents of Tatarstan, as well as anyone with a connection to the Tatarian community abroad.

Anyone can register a .tatar domain name, as long as they are using it for a website or web service that is relevant to the Tatarian people. The registry operator reserves the right to deny registration of a .tatar domain name if it is not being used for a legitimate purpose.

What are some of the benefits of registering a .tatar domain name?

There are many benefits of registering a .tatar domain name, including:

– Increased exposure for your website or web service among Tatarian speakers

– More trust and credibility among Tatarian speakers, who will know that your website is specifically relevant to them. Easier identification for Tatarian speakers who are looking for websites in their native language

– The ability to create a website or online presence in the Tatar language. The ability to connect with other Tatars around the world. The ability to promote your Tatarian heritage and culture online

- Increased exposure for your website or business in the Tatar community. A unique domain name that is specific to the Tatarian people. Increased visibility and recognition among Tatars living abroad

- The ability to use the Tatar language in your domain name. Increased exposure for your website or online business in the Tatar language community

- Easier identification and recognition for Tatarian individuals and businesses online. A unique and recognizable web address in the growing Tatar internet namespace

What are the rules of registration for a .tatar domain name?

A domain name in the .tatar namespace must contain at least one letter from the Tatar Cyrillic alphabet. Kazan, Nizhnekamsk, Kirov and Naberezhnye Chelny are considered to be "Tatar cities".

A submission will not be accepted if it is deemed to be in violation of any trademark rights or unfair competition laws. Each submission must follow all applicable national and federal laws, including copyright law.

The registry operator reserves the right to reject registrations that are seen as violating laws, ethical standards, or offensive to Tatars worldwide. All registration requests will be reviewed for legitimacy before being approved.

What are the requirements for registering .tatar domain names?

– The registrant must provide government-issued identification proving his or her affiliation with Tatars worldwide

– If submitting a company registration document instead of a personal ID, it must include the company name, address, registration number, and contact information

– All domain names in the .tatar namespace are non-transferable

– The registry operator has the right to make exceptions for domain names that match the Tatar language translation of company or brand names

– Registrations will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis until the .tatar namespace is full

– If a domain name is not renewed, it will go into a redemption grace period and be released to the public again